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Stylist and entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli founded his namesake brand in 1978. The Italian luxury house specialises in cashmere and luxury ready-to-wear, with each carefully crafted piece made in Italy using top-quality raw materials.

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In order to preserve the heritage of creativity among the youth, Brunello Cucinelli built The School of Arts and Crafts in Solomeo. In doing so, he drew inspiration from exemplary art critic John Ruskin and British artist William Morris, both of whom are known for their philanthropic and social activism for the international British Arts and Crafts Movement.

Selected students of this school attend courses for tailoring, knitwear, textile, agriculture and masonry under the skilful guidance of a master while receiving monthly wages – allowing these youths to gain a deep appreciation for the craft of manual work, while ensuring the spirit of Italian renaissance craftsmanship is kept alive with moral and economic dignity.

Shop Brunello Cucinelli’s ready-to-wear for men and women, small leather goods and accessories at Marina Bay Sands.

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