Maison21G Paris

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Tailor-Made Haute Perfumery

Innovation and personalisation forms the core of Maison21G - the avant-garde Parisian perfumery empowering all to craft their signature perfume and encapsulate the scent of their soul, said to weigh exactly 21 grams.


Maison21G arose from Johanna Monange’s passion and experience working with the world’s most renowned brands and perfumers.

Discover our finest Haute Couture natural essences, carefully selected as single scents and pairable accords. Experience the art of perfume creation safely with our touchless scent bar, perfumer organ, and intimate creative workshops.

Exclusively at MBS, the Maison’s private Black Collection: rare ingredients including a unique extract featuring the most precious Yunan Osmanthus petals, and a molecular distillation of Bulgarian rose, the purest rose extract essence in the world.