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Every year, motor enthusiasts, the world’s best drivers, international entertainers and other glitterati descend on Singapore for the Singapore Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The night race is accompanied by a host of related parties and performances and is one of the biggest occasions in Singapore’s calendar. Whether or not you’re a big fan of motor racing, the Grand Prix is a great way to experience some of Singapore’s hottest events and venues.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit itself is a challenging city circuit which weaves through the CBD, past some of Singapore’s most iconic buildings and landmarks. The best way to secure your tickets and accommodation is to book early; remember that tourist hotels are subject to an additional government tax which will be added to your room rate.

Nightlife in Singapore explodes during the Grand Prix week, with special lounges near the circuit itself, in addition to city bars which screen the race and have a number of other events such as fashion shows, live music and international DJs. Expect a carnival atmosphere, with shows, street performers and innovative visual art installations.

The official Formula One festivities are at the Circuit Park, and here’s where you’ll experience some of the best concerts of the year in Singapore. Live performers at the Formula One weekend have included Maroon 5, Jennifer Lopez, Robbie Williams, Shakira and Katy Perry, among many more chart-topping headline acts from around the world. 

To get right into the action, purchase a Formula One ticket to get access to the races and entertainment areas. Check your ticket to be sure of which gate(s) by which you can enter, as not all gates admit holders of all tickets.

Some other tips: If you’re planning to walk around, bring only what you need as lockers are not provided. Maps and survival kits which contain a poncho and earplugs are sold at the venue itself. Many food and drink outlets in the area don’t accept credit cards, so bring enough cash with you.

But you can even enjoy the race from around the city: from a hotel room or bar with a view, and the atmosphere is just as electric. Tune into the dedicated F1 radio station for live on-track commentary.

MRT in Singapore

Public transport is your best option for getting to and from the race. MRT services run on extended hours to handle the influx of tourists who have come especially to experience the Singapore Grand Prix. Free shuttle services are provided from select MRT stations, as well.

Taxis may not be easy to get, so it's a good idea to book ahead rather than try your luck on the street. Several roads around the city are closed for the whole weekend, which affects normal bus routes, so check online for adjusted bus timetables during the Grand Prix. You might also need to plan alternative travel routes for your non-Formula One activities.

Words can't truly describe the sights, sounds, smells, and charged-up party atmosphere of the Singapore Grand Prix. If you're really curious about what happens when the world's top drivers, powerful motors, entertainment icons, and high-flying spectators come together for a spectacular street racing weekend – the best way is to visit Singapore during the F1 and experience the magic for yourself!