Singapore MRT CarriageSingapore MRT Carriage


Forget about renting a car, travel around the country with our fast and efficient public transport system
Singapore is one of the best-connected cities around, with a public transportation system that’s clean, safe, easy to use and reasonably-priced. From the airport to tourist attractions, and even to the Southern Islands, it's convenient and efficient to hop onto a bus, train or more to get to your destination. 


By train – MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)

Take respite from the heat when you travel via the air-conditioned MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system. Major tourist attractions such as Orchard Road, Esplanade or Marina Bay Sands, all are within walking distance from the stations. You’ll need either an EZ-link card or Singapore Tourist Pass to access the gentries – these can be bought at the MRT ticket office. Otherwise you can purchase single-ride tickets from the ticketing machine which accepts both notes and coins.  

By bus

Opt for a scenic bus ride if you have the time. Singapore’s bus system covers most places around Singapore such as the Singapore Zoo and East Coast Park. You can use the EZ-link or Singapore Tourist Pass to pay for your bus fare. Be sure to tap your card on the reader when you exit so that the correct fare will be deducted from the card. Bus drivers also accept coins and notes but no change will be given.


By taxi

If you’re not too sure where the venue is located, taxis are a good option. Taxi drivers go by the meter and the system is safe. However, cabs tend to be scarce during peak rush hours (7.30-9.30am and 5-8pm) and when it’s raining heavily.

Simply hail a taxi from the road side, although there are some areas where they are not allowed to stop, or head to the many taxi stands that dot the city. Available cabs will have a green indicator. You can also book one by calling, sending an SMS or through a mobile app. 

By ride-sharing apps – Grab/Uber

Need a 6-seater car or you’re somewhere with no taxi in sight? Just use a ride-sharing app. In recent years, ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Grab have made getting from place to place even more convenient, and they fill the gap when you can’t get any taxis and public transport is not accessible. Just download the app and follow the instructions to booking your ride. Most of the prices are fixed but do take note of peak hour surcharges. 


By bicycles – Obike, Mobike, OFO

Cycling around the Marina Bay area is a breeze with one of the free bicycles scattered around. Get the app from oBike, Mobike or ofo – these are the major bike-sharing operators in Singapore – unlock your bicycle and get pedalling. Although some operators charge a refundable deposit, most give free rides within a certain time limit, making these bike-sharing apps quite an affordable way to see the city. 

By trishaw

Take the chance to sit in one when you sign up for a trishaw tour around the Central Business District, Little India or Chinatown. These bicycles with a sidecar are powered by pedalling – they differ from rickshaws which are pulled by a person – and were a common means of transport in Singapore in the past but are now reserved for tourist rides. Don’t be shy and chat with the trishaw uncle as he might give you some titbits of information while you take in the sights and sounds of Singapore city.

Sentosa Cable Car

By cable car

Enjoy an aerial view of Singapore when you ride the cable car from one end at Mount Faber to Sentosa. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of Sentosa as well as the tallest Merlion statue in Singapore. Take the discounted Evening Rider (available daily from 6pm) cable ride at night to see the twinkling lights of the harbour.

singapore river cruise

By boat

Did you know that excluding the mainland, Singapore is made up of more than 60 islands? The most popular and largest offshore island is Sentosa, but there are at least 4 more that you can easily visit via boat such as Pulau Ubin, and St. John’s, Lazarus and Kusu Islands.

In-land as well, there are water taxis that will take you along the Singapore River. Board the Singapore River Cruise for a scenic ride across tourist attractions such as Merlion Park, Esplanade and Singapore Flyer. There are even boat rides that will take you up close to Marina Bay Sands’ light and water show: Spectra