Herb Garden at Marina Bay SandsHerb Garden at Marina Bay Sands


Learn about the green features around our hotel, luxury shopping mall, museum, expo and convention centre and more.
Marina Bay Sands hotel lobby

Hotel Lobby

  • The Glass façade in hotel lobby brings in natural lighting
  • Saves on electricity for artificial lighting
  • Aesthetic sculpture in lobby that adds value to the lobby Immense ‘drift’ sculpture by UK Antony Gormley
Deluxe Room at Marina Bay Sands

Hotel Rooms

  • Sensors in the room that will automatically switch off the air-conditioning when the balcony doors are left open for too long
  • A Guest can bring up the temperature if nobody is occupying the room
  • Curtains will be closed in unoccupied rooms to keep temperature down
  • A Delegated channel added to the TVs to promote Coporate Social Responsibiliy initiatives to guests
Herb garden at Marina Bay Sands

Herb Garden

  • Freshly grown herbs that are situated behind Rise Restaurant
  • Rise Restaurant uses the herbs instead of buying them which reduces carbon emissions
  • Information about the herbs grown can also be obtained from the standing boards
SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands


  • The lifts up to SkyPark recover and convert the energy produced to usable energy; thus saving energy.
  • Our Green roof helps to absorb and reduce the ambient temperature of the SkyPark, keeping it cool.
  • There are a total of 650 plants and 250 trees on the SkyPark.
Wind Arbor on Marina Bay Sands Building

Wind Arbor

Did you know that Wind Arbor art can be found around Marina Bay Sands?

It consits of four vertical acres of glass façade that functions as a shade for the hotel lobby, blocking away 50% of the sunlight and heat. It is also a piece of artwork by Ned Kahn.

Self-Closing Taps & Flow Regulators

Marina Bay Sands installed delayed-action, self-closing taps and constant flow regulators in the toilets within the public area to reduce water usage. This reduces water consumption to more than 350 million liters of potable water annually, which is enough to supply water for more than 800 average Singaporean households.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Shoppes Skylight

  • The glass roof in the Shoppes helps to bring in natural day lighting to the building and light up part of the building.
  • Photo sensors detect the brightness of the sunlight and adjust the lights accordingly; this reduces the usage of artificial lights, hence saving electricity.
Rain Oculus Fountain at Marina Bay Sands

Rain Oculus

Did you know that the Rain Oculus located in the Shoppes uses rainwater for their water feature instead of pumping in fresh drinking water every time?

This water is also reused for our toilet flushing and part of the canal for the Sampan ride.

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands

ArtScience Museum (ASM)

Our ArtScience Museum is also one of the rainwater harvesting features in Marina Bay Sands. Rainwater is collected and then reused for toilet flushing just like our Rain Oculus in the Shoppes.