Green Meetings at Marina Bay SandsGreen Meetings at Marina Bay Sands


As a leader in the hospitality industry, our business is conducted in a sustainable way and we play an integral role in helping you achieve your green goals. There are just three simple steps to begin your Green journey with Marina Bay Sands:

Step 1: Explore your green meeting venue

Step 2: Set your green meeting goals

Step 3: Choose your Sands ECO360 Meeting Options

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Step 1: Explore your green meeting venue

Every meeting at Marina Bay Sands is a green meeting. By choosing to host your green meeting with us, you are already one step ahead on your journey to sustainability. As an event planner, we can offer you instant benefits:

We are a Sustainable Certified Venue and Operator

Third party certification is important to us as it provides our guests the confidence that Marina Bay Sands meets international standards of sustainable design, construction and operations.


We Have High-Performance Facilities

Within our building, we focus on energy and water conservation, and on using products and materials containing minimum amounts of indoor polluting contaminants.

We Provide Sustainable Practices

Our sustainable practices are already seamlessly integrated into our daily operations, adding value to your events at no additional cost to you.

Step 2: Set your green meeting goals

We believe that the less you waste, the more you save. By following our simple guide and easy-to-use checklist, your next green meeting will promise to be a success with tangible results.


To get you started, have a plan on how you want to go green and a team to implement.

Waste Minimisation

There are many ways to minimise your event's waste production by taking control of your event's waste stream.


The venue, exhibition organiser, and exhibitors all have a role to play to ensure that sustainability is implemented at an exhibition. Inform your stakeholders of your environmental policy and goals.

Food & Beverage

The food consumed has a large impact on events and it's one of the main areas we can help you achieve your goals.

Energy Efficiency

Electricity consumption has a huge impact on the carbon footprint of an event.

Sustainable Procurement         

Procurement of products and services have a big influence on event greening , so REDUCE,

REUSE and RECYCLE when procuring for your event.

Marketing, PR, & Production

There are many ways to include green elements into your event marketing & PR. Try to avoid printing by providing information and registration electronically.


Offsetting the exhibitor and delegates' carbon footprint is extremely important. Choose a partner who can help.


Décor also plays an important role in green events. Try to be innovative and use energy efficient lights and recyclable materials for decor.


All events require transportation. Encouraging car sharing and promoting the use of public transport will certainly help you achieve your goals.

Step 3: Choose your Sands ECO360 Meeting Options

The Sands ECO360 Meetings Programme is a holistic approach to providing sustainable options to our meeting planners and clients; offering many ways to reduce the environmental impact of your event.

Our Sands ECO360 Meeting settings include central placement of writing materials, mints, water stations, reusable stemware, whiteboards, and lighting sensors in the meeting rooms; all helping your meeting move towards an overall reduction in its carbon footprint—all done for you by managing resources while providing you with the highest quality event.

Green Meeting Concierge

Our Green Meeting Concierge will work closely with you to plan and customise your event to meet your sustainability goals.

Post-Event Impact Statement

We will consolidate your event’s environmental impact data and highlights of your achievements for the ease of your communication to your stakeholders.

Community Involvement Programmes

With many clients expressing interest in hosting CSR events allowing their attendees to give back to the community, we can work with our local partners to customise a selection of CSR programmes to suite your meeting objectives.

Zero Waste Component

Our Green Meeting Concierge will work with you closely to make sure at least one of your event elements is completely waste-free.

“Once again, we are proud and happy that MBS worked closely with the organiser to donate the event bags to Food Bank as part of Corporate Social Responsibility. Despite the short notice, you reacted swiftly and coordinated all necessary work to make sure the right move is achieved.

We will like to thank you once again for your help.”

Eric Kong,

Manager (Projects Management)

SingEx Exhibitions Pte Ltd


“The second Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development was recognised as one of the world’s greenest and most sustainably-produced events in 2013, largely due to the industry leading commitment of our host venue and sustainability partner, Marina Bay Sands. For our latest event in 2014, Marina Bay Sands helped us to raise the sustainability bar even higher in many ways including real-time energy use displayed throughout the venue, a sustainable seafood meal for our dinner and further reduced food waste.”

Tony Gourlay,

Chief Executive of Global Initiatives Responsible Business Forumon Sustainable Development


“With its all-in-one value proposition, including luxurious accommodation for attendees, world-class conferencing facilities and unparalleled leisure offerings, Marina Bay Sands is undoubtedly the ideal location for ITB Asia. The venue has provided us with an optimal business environment for our delegates and the team has been very efficient, responsive and accommodating with our requests. We have forged a great working relationship comprising a winning team, show format and location. It has certainly been a wonderful experience working with the Marina Bay Sands team this year, and we look forward to more years of excellence ahead.”

Katrina Leung,

Executive Director, ITB Asia

ITB Asia 2014