A charming tea room founded in 1903 by confectioner Antoine Rumpelmayer in Paris, where Coco Chanel and French novelist Marcel Proust are among the distinguished who once dined at Angelina. 

Angelina is famed for its classic rendition of the Mont-Blanc, which boasts layers of chestnut vermicelli, meringue and light whipped cream, perfect for a sweet mid-day treat. Pair it with L’Africain, the tea room’s signature hot chocolate that is luxuriously smooth and indulgent. Enjoy afternoon tea time at Angelina from 2.30pm to 4.30pm daily with its Royal Tea Set of its best selection of confectionery and savouries, while taking in a view of the canal in one of Singapore’s largest shopping malls

Angelina is located at B2-89, The Shoppes.

Homegrown TWG Tea Salon & Boutique is a must visit for tea connoisseurs, who would appreciate its vast selection of over 800 tea harvests and blends. The Tea Salon’s luxurious gilded setting complements its dedication to curating the finest teas for a delightful afternoon tea time.

Relish in TWG’s high tea set, the Parisian Tea Time Set for two, which includes a choice of tea, tea-infused savoury delights and an assortment of patisseries. Immerse in a deluxe TWG high tea experience at the TWG Tea Garden, the biggest Tea Salon in Singapore encircled by a pool and a host of luxury boutiques

TWG Tea Salon & Boutique is located at B1-122, The Shoppes and B2-65, The Shoppes.

Contrary to tradition, coffee afficionados can enjoy their share of high tea too. Brighten your day with an afternoon cuppa at Bacha Coffee’s Fashion Avenue, one of the best coffee places in Singapore

Founded in 1910 in Marrakesh, Bacha Coffee boasts a wide collection of coffees exclusively brewed from Arabica beans. Sip the fragrant and well-balanced notes of a cup within their intricately designed coffee room, or opt for the tasty coffee-infused cocktails for a fancy treat. A preferred high tea spot in Singapore, balance the sophisticated flavours of their brews with their signature filled gourmet croissants that are delectable in every bite.

Bacha Coffee is located at B2-13/14, The Shoppes. 

A familiar name among the café scene in Singapore, PS.Cafe is well-loved for its brunch classics as well as its indulgent desserts. Located on a floating island within The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, natural sunlight permeates the space in the afternoon, making the café a charming spot for an afternoon date. 

The Double Chocolate Blackout Cake and Sticky Date Pudding is sure to please all sweet tooths. It also makes a perfect pairing with PS. Cafe’s selection of teas and coffees from their signature PS. Cafe blend. Alternatively, treat yourself to a slew of cocktails and wine for a touch of elegance to your afternoon tea. 

PS.Cafe is located at B2-119, The Shoppes.