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 15 Mar 2023  

As you wander through Singapore's bustling streets, it's impossible not to notice the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air. Coffee has become an integral part of Singaporean culture, with its roots tracing back to the early 19th century when it was first introduced to the island's curious shores.

Today, Singapore has a thriving coffee scene, with cafés and coffee shops found in every nook and cranny of the city. There's no better place to discover new haunts than at Marina Bay Sands, a luxurious lifestyle destination, where the art of coffee-making is elevated to a tasteful experience. Read on to find out more about where to look for the best coffee in Singapore, and the different types of beverages that you’ll encounter on your java journey.


Popular Types of Coffee

Singapore is a friendly destination for coffee lovers. You'll find everything from Starbucks outlets to quirky independent cafés serving up gourmet blends, and a visit to a local kopitiam (coffee shop) is a cultural experience not to be missed. Read on to understand a little more about coffee and the different types of coffee beverages you can find in Singapore.
Infographic for popular and different types of coffees


Singapore coffee has undergone an incredible renaissance, with an increasing number of specialty coffee shops popping up across the city. These cafés offer a wide range of options from pour-over and siphon to espresso and cold brew coffee. Contemporary coffee culture has seen inventive artisans experiment with various ingredients and flavours, but there is still a lot of love for the classics.



The latte – a creamy espresso shot blended with steamed milk and a thin layer of foam – is a staple crowd pleaser.



Similarly, the cappuccino blends an espresso shot with steamed milk, topped with a thicker layer of foam for an interesting mouthfeel and delicate flavour.



For a stronger hit of caffeine in the morning or a jolt of energy to fuel your day, an Americano combines a shot of espresso with hot water, while the long black is the opposite: hot water with a shot of espresso added on top.


Flat White

A more recent addition to the legacy line-up is the flat white. Originating from New Zealand, the flat white is a velvety-smooth drink prepared with espresso and steamed milk but containing less foam than a latte or cappuccino.


Though you’ll find these beverages at cafes across Singapore, their origins undoubtedly began from outside of the city. For a true taste of Singapore, these are the local specialties to sample.


Singapore Kopi Guide

Traditional cup of coffee in Singapore, where you can find the best coffee


No discussion of coffee culture in Singapore would be complete without mentioning kopi, the country's version of coffee beloved by locals and visitors alike. Strong Robusta beans are roasted with sugar and margarine or butter, which gives the coffee its distinctive caramel-like flavour. The coffee is brewed with a traditional muslin sock filter and mixed with sweetened condensed milk, resulting in a creamy and sweet cup of coffee.

Served piping hot, kopi is a staple of hawker centres and a must-try for anyone looking to sample the city's unique drink of choice. For healthier alternatives, opt for a kopi siew dai for a coffee with less sugar, or a kopi o kosong for a coffee sans sugar and condensed milk. For those sweltering Singapore days, order a kopi peng and enjoy a refreshingly chilled coffee over ice.

From elaborate caffeinated creations to a classic cuppa, Marina Bay Sands cafés and restaurants offer an expansive variety of the best coffee in Singapore.

  1. % Arabica

  2. Angelina

  3. Bacha Coffee

  4. Beanstro

  5. Da Paolo Gastronomia

  6. Miracle Coffee

  7. Origin + Bloom

  8. Rasapura Masters

  9. Starbucks Reserve

  10. Sweetspot

  11. Toast Box


Iced coffee from % Arabica, Marina Bay Sands, with '%' on the cup, offering one of the best coffees in Singapore


% Arabica

The origins of % Arabica trace back to the summer holidays founder Kenneth Shoji took with his parents when he was a kid. Through these influential escapes, Kenneth developed an interest in multicultural design, which eventually led to his passion for coffee.

Stepping inside the boutique at Marina Bay Sands is akin to a sensory oasis of Arabica coffee, freshly roasted and artfully brewed by skilled baristas. Be sure to try the Kyoto Latte, a unique and refreshing coffee drink made with espresso, milk foam, and vanilla syrup. With a strong coffee taste and a hint of sweetness, it's the ideal choice for coffee lovers as the rich milk base makes it indulgent without being heavy. From Kyoto, Japan to Singapore, head down to this minimalist white café at Marina Bay Sands.

% Arabica is located at L1-75, The Shoppes.


Hot chocolate with dessert and cream on the side at Angelina, one of the best cafes in Singapore that serves coffee



With its tempting array of pastries and signature Gaelic charm, Angelina is a Parisian Cafe that has garnered a loyal following. The luxurious setting has a decorative flair, making Angelina an ideal café for a sophisticated brunch or afternoon coffee. The Caffe Latte is a go-to that pleasantly warms the heart with its smooth and comforting taste. For an added French flair, complement your coffee with a delectable Éclair Chocolat.

Angelina is located at B2-89, The Shoppes.


Man packing coffee beans at Bacha Coffee, a coffee boutique in Singapore popular for serving the best coffees


Bacha Coffee

Situated in the heart of Marina Bay Sands, Bacha Coffee is a specialty coffee boutique with a wide variety of coffees meticulously sourced from harvesters worldwide. Initially founded in Marrakech, the baristas at Bacha Coffee take the art of coffee making to the highest levels of refinement, preparing, and roasting every bean to perfection. Dedicated to serving the best coffees, Bacha Coffee has over 200 single-origin brews and exquisite blends, each cup is a potential odyssey percolating with taste. A popular favourite, the fragrant 1910 Coffee is known for its smooth, sultry flavour on the palate and aromatic top notes of strawberries. Pair with a delicate butter croissant for a delectable teatime treat.

Indulge in the aroma of the very best Arabica beans and get your caffeine fix in the comfort of your home. Also a perfect souvenir for friends and family, the Bacha Coffee boutique at Marina Bay Sands offers a range of gift boxes to choose from. Offering the best coffee beans in Singapore, make your way down to this famed coffeehouse now.

Bacha Coffee is located at B2-86, The Shoppes.


Cold drip coffee into a cup with 'Coffee Bean Tea Leaf' at Beanstro, Marina Bay Sands



Located next to the stunning Rain Oculus, Beanstro at Marina Bay Sands offers a stylish reprieve from the rush of the city. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee permeates the air, drawing you into the café where you’re greeted by a welcoming atmosphere with modern décor, comfortable seating, and soft lighting. This attention to detail defines their choice of coffee beans and a philosophy that demands the finest quality. Whether you're looking for a quick pick-me-up or a relaxing breakfast spot, Beanstro provides an easy-going backdrop to enjoy your favourite cup, making it one of the best coffee cafés in Singapore.

Beanstro is located at B2-20, The Shoppes.


Pastries, latte and espresso served at Da Paolo Gastronomia, the best cafes in Singapore serving coffee


Da Paolo Gastronomia

In 1989, Paolo and Julia Scarpa opened the doors to their humble trattoria, Da Paolo, with a vision to bring a piece of Italy to Singaporean diners. It has fast become a beloved haunt for authentic Italian cuisine, including freshly baked pastries, delectable paninis, and quaint breakfast sets. Being an Italian eatery, coffee is an integral part of the joy. Serving the best coffee in Singapore, sip on a caffe latte, espresso, or piccolo as you bite into a flaky almond croissant. For something with a twist, the Mint Mocha and the Caramel Latte will hit the spot for something sweet.

Da Paolo Gastronomia is located at L1-87, The Shoppes.


Iced and hot coffee at Miracle Coffee, Marina Bay Sands, which serves the best and most unique coffee in Singapore


Miracle Coffee

Located at ArtScience Museum, Miracle Coffee is a limited-time coffee experience brought to life by multi-talented Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin. The pop-up café features specialty drinks inspired by JJ Lin's music and his travels, with pour over coffee brewed with Ethiopian beans and plant-based Bonsoy Latte.

The Miracle concept debuted in Taiwan, and its arrival in Marina Bay Sands is accompanied by the Kaya Cloud. This Singapore exclusive is an Americano-style coffee crowned with a fresh cream kaya-flavoured cap, then finished with shaved gula melaka. Now a local favourite among coffee connoisseur and fans of JJ Lin, savour a cup of aromatic coffee while admiring waterfront views of Marina Bay.

Miracle Coffee is located at ArtScience Museum, Level 1, Rain Oculus.


Shop with a warm ambience, with 'Origin + Bloom', a cafe in Singapore serving the best coffee


Origin + Bloom

Savour the fusion of European culinary traditions with modern Asian craft and creativity at Origin + Bloom. Delivering a mouth-watering selection of sandwiches, freshly baked pastries, and decadent cakes, their selection of sweets is the perfect accompaniment to their handcrafted coffee creations.

From cold drip coffee to cappuccino, there’s a cup for everyone. For a delightful change of pace, let the baristas surprise you with the Speculoos Latte. Carefully crafted using a rich, caramelised cookie butter and a bold espresso blend, this creamy concoction is topped off with frothed milk, providing the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. Savour the smooth, velvety texture and complex flavours that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight.

Origin + Bloom is located at Lobby, Hotel Tower 3.


Rickshaw bikes at Rasapura Masters, a food court in Singapore serving traditional Singapore coffee (kopi)


Rasapura Masters

Be transported to a bygone era of old Singapore at Rasapura Masters, where you'll discover an unparalleled selection of local food in Singapore and an authentic cup of Singapore kopi. Pull up a seat amongst the decorative rickshaw bikes and birdcages and indulge in a cup of kopi made to your liking. Complete your meal with a traditional Rasapura Breakfast of fluffy toast and the softest of boiled eggs for a classic start to your day.

Rasapura Masters is located at B2-50, The Shoppes.


Barista brewing coffee at Starbucks Reserve, most recognised coffee cafes in Singapore


Starbucks Reserve

Whether you’re a casual drinker or a caffeine addict, Starbucks is instantly recognisable among coffee circles. With Starbucks Reserve, the brand displays its comprehensive knowledge of coffee and sophisticated brewing methods. This premium coffeehouse offers a selection of rare and exotic beans from around the world, each expertly roasted to bring out unique aromas and complex notes in every cup.

Starbucks Reserve is also home to the famous Siphon Brewed coffee. Also known as vacuum brewing, this method uses a two-chambered glass apparatus with a filter in the middle. Water is heated in the lower chamber, and as it heats up, it rises to the upper chamber. Grounds are added to the upper chamber, and as the water cools, it is drawn back down into the lower chamber through the filter, creating a delicious cup of coffee. Pair your brew with a slice of cake or a muffin to complement the deeper flavours. Constantly pushing boundaries to deliver the best coffees, Starbucks Reserve at Marina Bay Sands also offers the most extensive selection of drinkware and coffee beans in Singapore to elevate your morning coffee routine.

Starbucks Reserve is located at B2-56, The Shoppes.


Pastries with a cup of coffee brewed by baristas at SweetSpot, a cafe in Singapore



ArtScience Museum is one of many key attractions in Singapore. Filled with wonderful exhibits and installations, it's a magical space to let your imagination loose. After discovering immersive exhibitions, complete your visit with a delicious cup of coffee at SweetSpot. This cosy spot has partnered with Miracle Coffee to create a range of inventive drinks, including the delicious Brown Sugar Hojicha Latte. This non-caffeinated cup is prepared with golden brown sugar, hojicha powder, and a generous flow of delicate steamed milk, topped with a trio of fluffy marshmallows.

SweetSpot is located at Lobby, ArtScience Museum.


Kaya toast with butter, soft boiled eggs and traditional Singapore coffee, kopi, at Toast Box, which serves local breakfast set


Toast Box

A Singaporean staple, Toast Box showcases how Singapore's rich history and cultural influences have had a profound impact on authentic Nanyang coffee and toast culture. The nostalgic location immerses you in 1960’s Singapore, with rustic touches of a colourful past given a contemporary lift. The earthy fragrance of freshly brewed Singapore kopi is particularly pleasing, blending with the irresistible aromas of the mains. For a true Singapore experience, order a cup of coffee with a side of their famous Kaya toast for the ultimate local breakfast.

Toast Box is located at B1-01E, The Shoppes.


Coffee enthusiasts in Singapore are in for a treat with a diverse array of options available across the city. From local blends to international roasts, coffee is a must-try during your adventure in the Garden City.


Discover the luxury watch brands at Singapore’s largest luxury shopping mall after savouring a cup of coffee from the best coffee cafes in Singapore. End your day on a high note with an exquisite Omakase experience at the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore or dine at internationally acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurants.

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