Best Japanese Fine Dining Restaurants in Singapore

3 nigiri sushi plated at the best Japanese fine dining restaurant in Singapore

From Michelin-starred dining to famed celebrity-owned restaurants, discover some of the best Japanese fine dining restaurants at Marina Bay Sands. Whether it is a romantic date night or an intimate family celebration, satiate your palate and savour the delicacies and culinary art in the intricate and elegant interiors. Discover the fine dining experience at Marina Bay Sands, where a gastronomic journey awaits you.

KOMA Singapore

If clean lines, reductive, and uncluttered essentialism comes to mind when you think of Japanese design, you'll be visibly thrilled by KOMA's perspective on dining aesthetics. Your first hint at this unconventional approach is the panoply of distinctive orange arches that greet you as you enter. Reminiscent of the torii gates found at the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, the 20m long passageway eventually leads you towards the secluded lounge space.

Japan inspired interior at a top Japanese restaurant in Singapore

The atmospheric lighting sets the mood and presents a perfect opportunity for a cocktail. The KOMA Canary (Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin, Lemon Juice, Saffron Syrup) and KOMA Phoenix (Ocho Tequila Blanco, Chili Umeshu, Lime Juice) are house signatures and are simply sublime. For a hit of sweet and sour, the Sawayaka Sake (Shiso Infused Vodka, Yuzu Sake, Japanese Cucumber infused Syrup, Lemon Juice) will only crank up your expectations even more for what's to come at the top Japanese restaurant in Singapore.

As you stroll across the small footbridge, you won't be able to miss the 2.5m-tall bronze Japanese bell. The main dining area impresses with its bold decor, and the lofty ceilings unfurl a voluminous sense of depth. All this attention to detail is the overture to the outstanding menus. The lunch sets (Mon – Sun, 11:30am – 3pm) offer an expansive selection of 2 and 3-course options along with complimentary desserts. The Ginger Honey-Glazed Salmon and Spicy Tofu Hotpot are staple main course favourites. In addition, you can also upgrade your main to a the KOMA Sirloin Steak or Wagyu Beef Tenderloin.

Raw salmon on a cracker and a glass of yello cocktail served at the best Japanese restaurant in Singapore

You can find a kaleidoscope of definitive dishes on the menu. The Salmon Pillows are a delectable way to start the meal with elegant pastry shells topped with slices of salmon, roasted jalapeño, and smoked avocado. The playful D.I.Y. Spicy Tuna balances the heat with crispy rice, sweet soy, and chives. KOMA is one of Singapore's premium sashimi and nigiri restaurants, with some of the best unagi, maguro, ebi, and tako. For meat lovers, the A5 Wagyu Beef Tenderloin and the Hobayaki Snow Aged Niigata Wagyu are wonders to behold as they melt in your mouth.

Finally, round off your meal with your picks from the dessert menu; a popular favourite is Bonsai, carefully constructed with molten dark chocolate and crunchy praline that resembles the iconic Japanese plant, along with an edible pot. Treat yourself to KOMA’s comprehensive beverage menu, with its unrivalled collection of premium sakes, wines, and spirits.

KOMA Singapore is located at B1-67, The Shoppes.

Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda

From the omotenashi atmosphere to the presentation of the food, it's clear that care and consideration has gone into every aspect of ensuring your time at Waku Ghin is a promise of something extraordinary. A promise that has been honoured and rewarded with two prestigious Michelin Stars.

Chef's table for an Omakase experience at the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore

The mind behind this newly revamped, award-winning Japanese restaurant is distinguished chef Tetsuya Wakuda. A prodigy from a young age, he opened his first restaurant, Tetsuya's, in Sydney in 1989. His talents in the kitchen and expert knowledge of produce and flavours inspired Tetsuya's to be consistently included in the World's 50 Best Restaurants list. Those high standards have not only continued but have also grown in stature with Waku Ghin, his first overseas restaurant located in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Start your meal and sample a wide selection of handcrafted Japanese-style cocktails, wines, and premium sake from their extensive collection – including exclusive brews specially created for Waku Ghin.

With your appetite poised, move on to the food menu that is curated with specials that promise a gastronomic odyssey of culinary brilliance. A hallmark of the restaurant's philosophy is a passion for ingredients, cultivating a menu that organically varies.

Signature dish from Waku Ghin, topped with fresh sea urchin

Savour the standout Salmon Caviar and Sea Urchin with Rice and selection of Oysters of the day which are bursting with the freshness of the ocean and rich aquatic textures. There's the Spaghettini with Lobster, Tomato, Chili and Basil, a pasta that melds the Japanese approach to lobster preparation with a rustic twist of tomato and basil. Beyond seafood, the WG Grilled Wagyu Beef set on Rice is melt-on-the-fork tender, while the Kagoshima White Pork and Vegetable Gyoza offers a sweeter, earthier treat. You could also put yourself in the chef's hands and enjoy the 10-seater Omakase Chef's Table.

Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda is located at L2-03, The Shoppes.

Wakuda Restaurant & Bar

Shortly after its opening in April 2022, Wakuda Restaurant & Bar – culinary maestro Tetsuya Wakuda's second restaurant in Singapore – has emerged as one of Singapore's top fine dining spots. A contemporary Japanese restaurant with a bold interpretation of modern and traditional cuisine, Wakuda offers a unique fine dining experience. As you enter the realm of fine dining, be greeted by the gorgeous backdrop of a Japanese maple tree, with the sleek interior retaining a hint of Japanese aesthetic.

Interior of Wakuda, one of the top Japanese restaurants in Singapore

Relax in the dimly lit dining area and feast on exquisitely prepared dishes inspired by the finest ingredients sourced from Australia, Europe, Japan and New Zealand. Start off your meal with the signature appetizer, Yuba, a heavenly combination of Hokkaido Sea Urchin, Mountain Caviar and fresh beancurd skin fresh from Kyoto.

Beef lovers are in for a treat with well-marbled beef of the highest calibre.

Tuck into the succulent Grilled A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Sukiyaki paired with Wakuda’s specially concocted sukiyaki sauce and egg yolk which promises a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Another crowd favourite, relish in the rich umami flavours of the Cold Soba brought together by the Botan Shrimp, Italian Autumn Truffle and Fresh Oscietra Caviar. Complete your meal with an extensive dessert selection; for an authentic taste of Japan, opt for the Matcha Tiramisu, served with Azuki Red Bean Paste for a classic Japanese combination.

Cocktail and cold Yuba from Japanese restaurant, Wakuda Singapore

Boasting a vast collection of Japanese sakes, liquors and cocktails, end off your dayat the best wine bar with a post-dinner drink. Choose from a list of Japanese-inspired cocktails like the Samurai Mule made with sake, lime and ginger beer. For those who prefer vodka-based blends, a tipple of choice is the Yuzu Garden concocted with Haku Vodka, yuzu, elderflower and lime. Alternatively, Stone, Water, Plants is another popular option for those who enjoy classic cocktails with a twist.

With the food, décor and ambience harmonising to create an impeccable Japanese fine dining experience, Wakuda is the place for any occasion. Apart from its ala carte menu, Wakuda also offers outstanding omakase dining experience.

Wakuda Restaurant & Bar is located at Lobby, Hotel Tower 2.

Best Japanese Casual Dining Restaurants in Singapore

Salmon sushi slightly charred at a Japanese casual dining restaurant in Singapore

Perfect for all your social needs, button down and discover a captivating list of casual dining restaurants at Marina Bay Sands with a family-friendly ambience. From ramen noodles cooked to perfection and served in silky-rich broth boiled for hours, to sushi, sashimi and bento sets, dine in ultimate comfort at these Japanese casual dining restaurants at Marina Bay Sands.

Sen of Japan

For a chef, the plate is a canvas where ideas are free to reveal their final form, a waking reflection of the ideas and whims of the artist’s instincts; a chance to articulate the philosophy behind their food. At Sen of Japan, this principle is derived directly from its name. With a concept centered around freshness or 'Sen', Chef Nakano Hiromi, who formerly headed the highly acclaimed NOBU at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, elevates culinary artistry with his contemporary take on Japanese cuisine.

Fish on asparagus, a morden interpretation of Japanese cuisine in Singapore

The convergence between freshness and flavour comes alive throughout the menu. The lunch sets at this top Japanese restaurant in Singapore are an indulgent way to treat yourself to an alternative to the typical midday fare. Seek out the Hon Maguro Nigiri Set, a medley of three different cuts of Bluefin Tuna Nigiri (6 pieces) - Akami, Chutoro, and Otoro. If you love cod, the Yuzu Kosho Black Cod Set with baked black cod marinated in yuzu kosho and sautéed mushrooms is sure to hit the spot.

Meat enthusiasts can also spoil themselves with the A4 Wagyu Yakiniku Set and its grilled Japanese A4 wagyu beef, sautéed mushrooms with truffle shoyu, onsen egg, and rice. You can also mix things up with the Yakitori Set for assorted grilled chicken wings, thighs, and vegetables topped with a sweet Yakitori glaze and rice. For donburi lovers, the Hokkaido Chashu with slices of grilled Hokkaido pork belly, a sweet soy glaze and onsen egg served over fluffy rice is pure umami.

Raw salmon pizza from Sen of Japan, a top Japanese casual dining spot in Singapore

As the lights dim for dinner, get cosy with a menu that has a lineup of irresistible dishes to savour. Hamachi Carpaccio and Maguro Pizza take the crown for cold starters, while the Wagyu Tataki is a delightful way to satisfy your craving for a warm meal.

Whether you’re a Sake connoisseur or have never tasted a drop of the rice-based beverage, their vast array offers a diverse brew of flavours to accommodate all tastes. Make sure you don’t miss your chance to try a glass.

Sen of Japan is located at L1-86, The Shoppes.


From sizzling izakayas and tempura to tonkatsu and sukiyaki, it's no surprise that Japanese food is one of Singapore's most popular cuisines. For comfort food, nothing hits the spot better than a hot bowl of ramen. With its origins rooted in Chinese culture, this hearty and nutritious dish quickly became a big hit in Japan.

Ramen, a casual Japanese dish at Ippudo

The rapid rise of ramen restaurants shows how popular the dish has gotten in recent years. The makings of a great, flavourful bowl of ramen requires a level of sophistication and technique that few can claim to own. Shigemi Kawahara, respectfully known as the King of Ramen, opened the first Ippudo restaurant in 1985 in Japan's ramen capital, Hakata in Fukuoka city. His passion for ramen and an attuned sense for detail resulted in his quest to create the ultimate ramen experience.

The result of that drive is Ippudo’s reputation for affordable Japanese food with absolutely no compromise in quality.

For a taste of the classic Hakata-style ramen, try the Shiromaru Motoaji Special; tender slices of pork belly, noodles prepared just how you like, seaweed, and a sprinkle of spring onion, all bathed in Ippudo's original, creamy, and addictive tonkotsu broth. If you want to heat things up, the Karaka-Men Special will light your fire.

Pan fried gyoza, at one of the top Japanese restaurants in Singapore

Beyond ramen, the menu offers a pleasing set of the appetisers and side dishes to complement your meal. Tuck into Gyoza – pan-fried, deep-fried, or boiled – for a satisfying combination of chicken and chives wrapped up in one bite. Or elevate your meal with Beef Tataki for pan-seared prime beef slices served alongside Ippudo’s signature sauce.

IPPUDO in Marina Bay Sands is located at B2-54, The Shoppes.