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 25 Apr 2019  

Tea in Singapore seems like the most natural thing in the world — after all, the island’s colonial history, combined with its Chinese and Indian immigration, means that three of the world’s biggest tea cultures have come together in this country. Whether you’re looking for a traditional English tea, local ginger tea, or an elaborate Chinese tea ceremony, Singapore has something interesting for the tea enthusiast to look forward to.


Singapore is a friendly destination for coffee lovers. You'll find everything from Starbucks outlets to quirky independent cafés serving up gourmet blends, and a visit to a local kopitiam (coffee shop) is a cultural experience not to be missed. Read on to understand a little more about coffee and the different types of coffee beverages you can find in Singapore.
Renku Bar and Lounge High Tea


Afternoon tea is becoming increasingly popular in hotels and cafés in Singapore. 




An authentic Chinese teahouse experience is another fascinating way to explore Asian heritage in Singapore. Many tea rooms offer a high quality brew that you won’t get from tea bags, and some conduct educational workshops about the rich culture and history of Chinese tea. Tea is such an important part of Chinese culture that weddings traditionally feature a tea ceremony, where the bridal couple serves tea to their elders as a sign of respect.

For something uniquely local, try local tea, or tehTeh tarik is probably the most fascinating of them all. Tarik is the Malay word for ‘pull’, which is the name given to the action of pouring tea quickly (and often quite dramatically) from one cup to another to cool it rapidly and create a frothy surface.


Bubble Tea


You shouldn't miss out on a cup of masala chai, the spiced Indian version of tea. A strong brew infused with spices and made with lots of milk and sugar, masala chai is found in most Indian restaurants in Singapore and is the ideal way to wash down a plate of afternoon samosas.

For those on the go who want something quick and cool, try bubble tea: flavoured tea with milk and chewy tapioca pearls known as ‘bubbles’. Bubble tea stalls are easily found in shopping malls and the sweet, cold drink is a great way to get refreshed after a humid afternoon of exploring Singapore’s sights and sounds!


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