Special Event: ArtScience on Scream

This programme has concluded. Thank you for your interest.

Marking the 100th anniversary of arguably the first horror film ever made – The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari – ArtScience on Screen goes full scream with a spooktastic suite of both onsite and online programmes.

Since striking visual terror upon filmgoers in 1920 with a diabolical mix of murder, mayhem and cautionary consequences of fake news, the film has solidified its legacy across a full century and beyond – from the gothic pallor of Tim Burton to the surrealist dreamscapes of David Lynch, there is always a little Caligari in every horror film found.

At the museum, come and catch limited screenings of the iconic original 1920 film of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in its full restored glory. For those searching for a more unnerving, potent taste of Caligarian expressionism drenched in nightmarish surrealism, don’t miss out on a specially curated series of David Lynch short films.

At the online realm of ArtScience at Home, local musician and producer Fauxe channels the ghoulish energies of Caligari into a livestream musical séance of sorts as part of our monthly ArtScience Late at Home presentation. Join us in a spooky virtual tour featuring some of our biggest past exhibitions and check out our October Screen Zine that unites five local illustrators reimagining Caligari as local folklore, all the while weaving in academic commentaries of horror in architecture and experimental essays as poetic responses to the iconic film.

10 Oct – 6 Nov 2020

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