Chinese Fine Dining Restaurants

From a sophisticated ambience to impeccable service, Chinese fine dining restaurants elevate Chinese cuisine to greater heights. Whether it's a business dinner or a special occasion, savour exquisite dishes at these restaurants that embody the art and elegance of Chinese cuisine.

Mott 32 Singapore

Chinese | Fine Dining | Bar

Peking duck at Mott 32, a Chinese restaurant in Singapore

The pinnacle of Chinese fine dining, Mott 32 encapsulates the rich history and diversity of Chinese cuisine. Honouring age-old recipes, the signature Apple-Wood Roasted Peking Duck is prepared and roasted to perfection. With the interior reflecting a blend of modern and traditional aesthetics, Mott 32 is a distinctive Chinese restaurant in Singapore.




Chinese | Vegetarian | Fine Dining

Chinese dish at BLOSSOM, a Chinese restaurant in Singapore

A contemporary Chinese restaurant offering an innovative take on traditional Chinese cuisine, the menu at BLOSSOM is a celebration of Chinese traditions with a modern twist. From exquisite dim sum to seafood delicacies, BLOSSOM features a variety of dishes, promising a memorable dining experience for all.



Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine

Chinese | Vegetarian | Fine Dining

Roast Peking Duck at Imperial Treasure, a Chinese restaurant in Singapore

Offering a tranquil dining atmosphere, Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine has established a reputation for its commitment to quality and excellence. Showcasing an extensive range of Cantonese dishes, savour the signature Poached Empress Clam with Chinese Rice Wine with an overlooking view of the waterfront promenade.



Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine

Chinese | Other Asian | Fine Dining

Fresh seafood at Imperial Treasure, a fine dining Chinese restaurant in Singapore

A Chinese fine dining restaurant in Singapore, Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine celebrates the rich history of Teochew cuisine. Boasting a feast of marinated meat and fresh seafood, indulge in Teochew delights like Steamed Pomfret and Mashed Taro with Gingko and Pumpkin.



JUMBO Signatures

Chinese | Fine Dining | Local

Chilli Crab claw at JUMBO Signatures, a Chinese seafood restaurant in Singapore

A culinary gem in the heart of Singapore, JUMBO Signatures is a beacon of authentic Singaporean cuisine. Most known for its fresh seafood specialties, delight in the award-winning Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab which are created to perfection.



Chinese Casual Dining Restaurants

Experience the vibrant flavours of Chinese cuisine in a relaxed setting at these Chinese casual dining restaurants in Singapore. From succulent pork dumplings to comforting bowls of noodles, these restaurants offer an authentic taste right in the heart of Singapore. Enjoy a laid-back meal with friends or family, and immerse yourself in the rich culinary traditions that make Chinese cuisine a global favorite.