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 25 Apr 2019  

For most visitors to Singapore, Changi Airport is the gateway for entering and leaving the country. The airport handles more than 50 million passengers annually and consistently wins Best Airport awards. Whether you’re in Changi Airport to visit Singapore, or are simply in transit, it won’t be long before you realise how well-earned these awards are. The airport is a lifestyle, dining, and shopping destination for passengers and locals alike, as well as a great place to be in transit. Here, we share five unique experiences worth having in Changi Airport. 


Movie Theatre


1. Let the airport entertain you

Changi Airport boasts free movie theatres for transit passengers, where you can relax in comfortable chairs and catch up on the latest blockbuster. Gaming aficionados can head to one of several gaming stations around the airport and play on consoles. If that feels like too much effort, head to one of the sports bars where you can watch sporting events over a pint and maybe make a friend or two. Kids’ play areas around the airport are safe, stimulating environments for children to exercise while parents catch up on a book or a magazine. 


Orchid Garden


2. Make memories

Waiting for your next flight is probably one of your least favourite experiences while travelling, but Changi will make you wish you had just a couple more hours before takeoff! The airport is as picturesque as it is efficient, with multiple spots where you can take gorgeous photographs, including the Enchanted Garden, Social Tree and many other seasonal installations. If you’d prefer to remember your trip with a trinket, there are several shops selling uniquely Singaporean gifts including fine jewellery, scarves, souvenirs, chocolates, and even orchids.


Butterfly Garden


3. De-stress

Air travel can be one of the most stressful parts of a holiday or business trip, but Changi Airport has you covered. Head to the spa for a few blissful hours, try one of the free massage chairs around the transit area, or experience something different at the fish spa where multitudes of tiny fish will nibble the rough skin off your feet. If you’d prefer some contemplative silence, head to the butterfly garden, sunflower garden or nature walk. The airport also has comfortable snoozing areas where you can curl up and catch forty winks. 


Charging Station


4. Work, if you must

Sure, nobody wants to work at the airport, but if you have to, Changi makes it easy. The business lounges around the airport, free Wi-Fi, and charging stations make it a breeze to catch up on work, make calls, and answer email, making it a seamless mobile work environment. For ultimate efficiency, Changi has business centres located in each of the three terminals, where you can engage typing services, send mail, and fax or photocopy documents – so you can get your work out of the way before the flight and start relaxing!


Changi Airport


5. Eat like a Singaporean

Even transit passengers have the opportunity to sample uniquely Singaporean cuisine at the airport. Chinese, Indian and Malay dishes are found all over the terminals. From food courts to restaurants, there’s an option for every budget. Try something completely new, like roti prata, a steaming bowl of laksa, dim sum, or Indian vegetarian fare – and don’t forget to grab a cup of local coffee to wash it all down. There are also Western options from pizza and pasta to sandwiches and burgers, so you'll find something delicious to suit every taste.


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