Luxury Bag Brands in Singapore

When it comes to finding the perfect blend of style and luxury, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands emerges as a distinct luxury bag shopping destination in Singapore. With its extensive and curated selection of branded bags for women, The Shoppes promises to fulfil even the most discerning shopper's quest for elegance and exclusivity.


Spearheading fashion innovation and creativity with their bold, edgy designs, BALENCIAGA is a staple in any bag enthusiast’s branded bag collection. With avant-garde luxury and experimental fashion being the brand’s ethos, BALENCIAGA is the go-to luxury fashion brand for any fashion rebel looking to redefine boundaries and break the rules.

Crush Small Chain Bag

Turn heads with BALENCIAGA’s crocodile embossed Crush Small Chain Bag for a rebellious yet classy edge to any outfit. With its supple crocodile embossed calfskin leather exterior and semi-matte finish, this statement purse can take any look from day to night with its chunky and eye-catching gold hardware.

BALENCIAGA is located at B1-31, The Shoppes.

Bottega Veneta

Known for its quiet luxury bag designs and signature Intrecciato weave pattern created with leather strips interwoven horizontally and vertically with an underlayer, Bottega Veneta’s bags showcase their distinct weaving pattern with style. The luxury bag brand’s chic yet refined style is characterised by curved and slouchy silhouettes that are versatile additions to any outfit, no matter the occasion.

Large Hop

Form meets function in the Bottega Veneta Large Hop shoulder bag in Fondant, a deep and rich cool brown tone that offers the perfect neutral colour to coordinate with your outfits. The Large Hop also features the signature intricate Intrecciato weave pattern lined with calfskin for a piece that will withstand the test of time.

Bottega Veneta is located at B1-99 and B2-72A, The Shoppes.


Simple, sophisticated and practical, CELINE embodies the lively hustle and bustle of the modern woman’s lifestyle, where luxurious pieces are as functional as they are stylish. Perfect for both formal events and casual gatherings, CELINE prides itself on its iconic structured bags that are smart, sharp and polished. 

AVA Triomphe In Black Leather

Coordinate your look with the Ava Triomphe in Black Leather, a shoulder purse introduced in the 2023 Winter collection. Crafted with top-grade calfskin for its exterior and lined with suede calfskin, the Ava Triomphe’s striking black colour paired with its gold hardware blends beautifully with any outfit, adding a layer of sophistication with its smooth exterior and prominent hardware.

CELINE is located at B1-29 and B2-27, The Shoppes.


Chloé embodies the timeless elegance of femininity, combined with a playful and free-spiritedness in their whimsical designs. Each bag is a showcase of refined yet relaxed style, effortlessly taking the spotlight in any occasion. A fusion of perfectly harmonious elements, their statement pieces incorporate light and neutral tones with soft silhouettes that result in a graceful look.

Woody Medium Tote

A vibrant addition to any wardrobe is the Woody Medium Tote, a luxury tote bag made from a sturdy striped cotton canvas and calfskin leather panels for added durability. With the bag’s lively tones that perfectly complement each other for a carefree look, the Woody Medium Tote is the perfect day-to-day companion for shoppers looking for a practical yet stylish luxury handbag.

Chloé is located at B1-118, The Shoppes.


With a commitment to artisanal Savoire-faire, FENDI’s strong heritage since its genesis in 1925 lies in its quality craftsmanship. The brand strives to produce statement pieces that withstand fashion trends, remaining at the pinnacle of the luxury fashion scene. Exemplifying glamour and sophistication with its timeless designs, FENDI is known for subtle designs that are perfect for everyday use and special occasions.

Peekaboo ISeeU Small

A brand embodying the essence of quiet luxury in its style, jazz up your look with Fendi’s Peekaboo ISeeU Small, an elevated purse for occasions when you want to stand out and shine. With its modern rectangular shape and Cuoio Romano leather, the Peekaboo IseeU is a branded bag that encapsulates contemporary sophistication and a sense of casual chic with its top flap that can be left open, true to its namesake Peekboo ISeeU.

FENDI is located at B1-22 and B2-22, The Shoppes.


Established in 1846, LOEWE is a Spanish luxury fashion brand specialising in artisanal leather goods that are built to last. Renowned for their invention and contemporary approach to design, their versatile bags can be worn in a multitude of ways and never go out of style.

Puzzle Bag

Edgy and functional, the brand's Puzzle Bag an all-round masterpiece. With its slouchy silhouette complemented by its unique cuboid shape, sharp angles and dense drape of the calfskin leather, the Puzzle Bag is a captivating statement of quiet luxury that is sure to turn heads. Its roomy interior, adjustable straps and convenient clasps give you maximum functionality and versatility like no other.

LOEWE is located at B1-80, The Shoppes.


Moynat is a Parisian leather goods house known for its top craftsmanship in travel goods. Its origins trace back to 1849 in the Opera district of Paris, the lively hub of fashion and art. Adorned with its distinctive Moynat monogram, its travel goods are easily recognisable; the unique cuboid structure also pays homage to its roots as a trunk-maker in the 1800s. 

Luxury crossbody bag resembling a trunk with the Moynat monogram

Suitcase Hard Sided

Embark on your adventures with the sophisticated yet playful design of the Moynat Suitcase Hard Sided. This hard-sided clutch celebrates the rich trunk-making history of Moynat, complete with a safety lock, a cowhide leather handle, and metal studs to secure the different components of the bag. With its distinct geometric shape and sharp angles, this luxury bag is the perfect way to add a spunky yet polished edge to your look.

Moynat is located at B1-88, The Shoppes.


Famed for its iconic ‘Valentino Red’ from its debut collection in 1959, Valentino has been synonymous with its signature red hue since its launch. For decades that followed, the iconic atelier would come to live up to its legacy with innovative, revolutionary, and rule-breaking fashion designs. Today, Valentino has an artful obsession with crafting quality luxury bags that retain the vivacious spirit of ‘Valentino Red’.

Valentino Garavina Loco Bag

Dress to bedazzle with the Valentino Garavina Loco Bag, a sleek and compact purse with exquisite gold accents that beautifully highlight the brand’s iconic emblem. This versatile piece can be worn as a crossbody accessory with its elegant gold chain, or carried solo for a striking and confident statement clutch.

Valentino is located at B1-147, The Shoppes.

Bags, accessories and apparel from a luxury fashion brand on display

Tips for Your Luxury Purchase

When investing in a luxury bag or accessory, there are several factors to consider that will impact the utility of your purchase. Size, material and colour may determine how well it integrates into your lifestyle, along with your existing wardrobe. 


The material of a bag or accessory plays a significant role in its style. Leather materials exude class and sophistication, while canvas or woven straw materials express a laidback look. The upkeep required for a luxury bag also varies according to its material.

Canvas can be easy to maintain if the item is machine washable, and stains can be removed with a damp cloth. In contrast, leather is susceptible to scratches and creases, but high quality materials and finish can minimise their visibility. Some wearers may also appreciate the look of aged leather, as this offers a timeless appearance.


Bag sizes greatly influences their practicality – smaller bags make great accessories, while larger bags offer function.

It’s crucial to consider the occasions when you’re likely to use your luxury bag; a trendy micro purse works well as a finishing touch to a glamorous ensemble, while a refined leather tote offers a trusty companion as a work bag.


The colour of a bag can determine its place in your wardrobe: a versatile, everyday piece or a stunning statement.

Classic, neutral options like brown, black and white are safe choices for daily use, while vibrant hues can keep you looking stylish with a splash of colour. Brightly coloured luxury bags and accessories can infuse an outfit with a touch of whimsical fun, though they may be challenging to coordinate when building a cohesive look.

Luxury bags placed on display shelves at a physical store of a luxury bag brand in Singapore

Caring for Your Luxury Bag

Designer bags crafted with high-quality materials, such as cowhide and calfskin leather, require detailed care and attention to maintain their quality and extend their lifespan. As an alternative to leather, more sustainable brands have started to integrate non-animal textiles like canvas and plant-based leather into their bags. Different materials require different methods of care and maintenance, and climate can greatly affect the way leather ages.

How to Store Your Luxury Bag

Proper storage of your luxury branded bags

Storing your branded bag in optimal conditions can effortlessly extend its life span. In tropical climates or during seasons when the atmosphere is humid, mould can grow in your bags or cause rusting in hardware, especially if stored in a damp and dark environment.

To prevent mould growth, leather bags should be stored in a dustbag and kept in a well-ventilated area. As warping may occur over time, it is crucial to stuff bags with tissue paper or purse inserts to maintain their structure and shape. However, overstuffing can stretch the material, so it’s important to use the right amount of filling.

Maintaining Your Luxury Bag

Woman cleaning her luxury bag with a piece of alcohol-free wipe

Leather must be regularly cleaned and moisturised to maintain its appearance. Minor stains should be immediately wiped off with a damp paper towel or an alcohol-free wipe and wiped dry.

Your branded bag should also be aired out every month and cleaned gently to eliminate dust and prevent mould growth. To maintain its texture and prevent cracking, you can moisturise your luxury leather bag with a specialised leather conditioner. Laundry pens can be used on canvas bags with minor stains and can be washed with gentle soap and warm water for larger blemishes.