Past Exhibition - Dinosaurs in ArtScience Museum

Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction

25 January - 28 July 2014

Journey through 600 million years in a never-before-seen exhibition

Get transported back to the  Precambrian, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous prehistoric periods in the first exhibition of its kind, and relive the dinosaurs' natural environment as you uncover how the different species lived on earth. With hundreds of remarkable fossils and specimens, and original vivid illustrations reconstructing appearances of the extinct species, gain deeper insight into the rich and fascinating world of dinosaurs through the collaborative efforts of skilled artists and scientists. 

This exhibit is the largest dinosaur exhibition in Southeast Asia with over 3,700 square meters of floor space. The Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction features more than 400 fossils and models, and over 50 original artworks. The exhibition sheds light on how dinosaurs lived on earth and also serves as a window into the past where visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in this prehistoric world.

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Thanks for visiting Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction, this exhibition has ended.

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