Concerts in Singapore

Singer holding a concert in Singapore, at the best musical theatre in Singapore

With world-class sound systems and advanced technology in lighting effects, Sands Theatre is a landmark venue for the world’s best artists and live bands to perform dynamic sets. Concert connoisseurs will know what to expect when attending a show; a good concert is usually a loud, immersive and raucous affair. Dress comfortably, bask in the exhilarating atmosphere, and sing along to your favourite songs for maximum enjoyment at upcoming concerts in Singapore.

As an exceptional venue with immersive sound quality, the Sands Theatre and the Sands Expo & Convention Centre has held various notable concerts. From live band concerts and shows staged by internationally renowned artists, the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands is truly the best venue to enjoy your favourite concerts in Singapore. Besides concerts, the Sands Theatre also has a rich history of staging several stand-up comedies, such as Kumar Locks Down (2022) by Singapore’s comedy legend.

 Explore a list of ongoing entertainment shows happening and be sure not to miss them!

Musicals in Singapore

Musical Stage Settings in Singapore

From the whimsy of a delightful fairytale to the dramatic highs of a powerful autobiography, the musical has been a cherished art form to tell an assortment of stories that reflect the range of human emotions. Unlike cinema, musical theatre immerses you physically in the action to create a gripping sense of verisimilitude.

The Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands has showcased Riverdance (2010) for its grand opening and has since then staged several noteworthy musical shows:

Bewitching Ballets Performances in Singapore

Ballet dancer performing on stage at the best theatre in Singapore, the Sands Theatre

A beguiling contrast of graceful movements and demanding physicality are the qualities that form the wordless beauty of ballet. Committed to years of rigorous practice, the agile dancers who perform the art have the rare ability to turn their bodies into vessels of pure emotional storytelling.

Despite being centuries old, ballet has shown its ability to adapt to societal changes while remaining relevant. It has inspired other dance forms and continues to inspire and enchant. The tradition, codes, and cues are part of the modern ballet-watching experience, so arrive early and take the opportunity to impress with your attire.

As a world-class venue seeking to provide the best musical and theatrical experience for its audiences, the Sands Theatre at the world's leading integrated resort has a stunning record of ballets showcased. Check out ongoing ballet performances, entertainment shows and musicals.

Outstanding Orchestras

Orchestra performance at the top theatre in Singapore, the Sands Theatre

With the passion of searing strings, edgy blasts of bold brass, and the presence of rumbling drums, listening to an orchestra can be a transcendent experience that transports you to a different time period or to imaginative worlds.

Originating from Greek, the term ‘orchestra’ originally referred to a space in which a chorus would dance and perform. Now, orchestras typically refer to an instrumental ensemble comprising different families of instruments like brass, woodwinds, strings, and percussion. For an elevated evening, treat yourself to an orchestra performance which will dazzle your senses with their impressive repertoire. 

Catch this opportunity to experience the very best instrumental musical performance at the Sands Theatre which has showcased outstanding and phenomenal orchestra performances. Staging various genres of orchestral music, grab your tickets to the one that suits you at the Sands Theatre!

Opulent Operas

Opera performances in Singapore

Emerging in the early 1600s of the Italian Renaissance, opera was created by European composers who were inspired by the ancient world of Greece and Rome. Opera has become one of Europe’s most significant art forms with its sophisticated marriage of breathtaking vocal performances and dramatic roles.

Taking in an opera at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre offers an intense and intoxicating experience with many of the world's talented tenors, sopranos, and baritones taking to the stage in impressive displays of musical mastery. Coupled with the grand interiors of the theatre, an opera is certainly a lavish way to spend your evening.

Festival Favourites

Crowd enjoying a festival event in Singapore, near Marina Bay Sands

For drama devotees, the Singapore theatre festival scene is rich with various events throughout the year to indulge your passion for the stage. Two of the most prominent are the Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA), which features a variety of performances, workshops, and forums, and the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, which focuses on contemporary and socially engaged works by local and international artists. Besides productions in English, you can expect to see shows in Singapore's national languages - Mandarin Chinese, Malay, and Tamil - that showcase stories unique to the diverse city.

The Sands Theatre

Man in suit at the best theatre in Singapore, the Sands Theatre, to catch a musical performance

Designed meticulously to showcase internationally acclaimed performances, the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands is the epitome of a perfect theatrical experience in Singapore. With the latest and most sophisticated sound and audio system, the theatre is set to present a seamless musicals, concerts and orchestra performances.

Be ready to get greeted by an extravagant and glamourous foyer when you step into the Sands Theatre. As the spotlight illuminates the stage, you know you’re in for a captivating evening as the Sands Theatre promises an epic spectacle spanning a host of events and show genres.

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