Man holding onto a men's leather shoe with excellent craftsmanship

The Makings of a Luxury Shoe

Luxury footwear sets itself apart from regular options through its dedication to exceptional artistry and the use of quality materials for an enduring and chic companion to every step of your journey.


The essence of luxury shoe craftsmanship lies in its commitment to durability without compromising on comfort. Designer shoes are crafted with materials of high quality, typically leather, that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Full-grain leather – the highest quality of leather – is commonly used due to its superior strength compared to other types of leather like top-grain leather, faux leather or split leather.


Every designer shoe is built with precision and designed with a vision that reflects the mastery of its craftsman. A tailored fit is achieved by having every stitch sewn and every fabric panel cut exactly to specified dimensions.

Skilled shoemakers from luxury shoe brands go through painstaking processes to craft each pair – from cutting, stretching, polishing, and dyeing the leather, to assembling the different components of every shoe to ensure impeccable form and perfect fit.

Three pairs of women's summer shoes in black from popular shoe brands in Singapore

Shoes for Every Occasion

From sharp dress shoes to sparkly high heels and casual sneakers, you’ll find the perfect pair at The Shoppes. Be spoilt for choice with the extensive collection of luxury footwear brands including fashion-forward labels, classic designer names, and iconic streetwear brands.

Leather Shoes

Whether you are attending a formal work event or a black-tie wedding, a pair of leather shoes for men can add refined sophistication to any tailored suit or transform a button-up shirt and trousers into business-ready.

Black leather shoes are a wardrobe must-have with their versatility; any pair can effortlessly complete a dressed up or dressed down look. Brown leather boots for men can come in varying shades – from light khaki to deep brown, which can transform the mood of any outfit. Lighter shades of brown tend to exude a unique and contemporary style, while darker, richer brown tones create more finesse while adding a pop of colour to your outfit.

KWANPEN's Savoy Derby Shoes

Specialising in leather shoes, handbags and accessories for men and women, KWANPEN is a homegrown Singaporean brand that produces only the best crocodile leather goods. With its rich heritage in crafting exclusive leather bags since the 1930s, the brand has since expanded globally with outlets in lively metropolises such as Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong and Dubai.

Crafted from genuine crocodile leather, KWANPEN’s Savoy Derby Shoes are one of the best leather shoes in Singapore that embody premium quality and allure like no other. The shoe features an angular profile that complements any sharply tailored suit for an undeniable air of chic and elegance. With its choice of exotic crocodile leather with a glossy finish, the Savoy Derby Shoes add a playful touch of panache to your tailored suit while looking immaculate.

KWANPEN is located at B2M-230, The Shoppes.

Jimmy Choo's Finnion Monk Shoes

Known for its meticulous workmanship and unique designs that have pioneered the luxury fashion industry since its genesis in 1996, this prestigious shoe brand has adorned celebrities on red carpet events, as well as members of royalty and significant public figures on prestigious global stages.

Featuring a semi-matte calf leather exterior with statement buckles that give these shoes a rebellious yet tasteful edge, the Finnion Monk Shoes are a great way to jazz up your suit and tie without compromising on class. With a modern twist from one of the world's leading shoe brands, these leather shoes are an excellent option for individuals seeking to inject personality into their formal attire or to add an intriguing touch to their overall fit.

Jimmy Choo is located at B2-80, The Shoppes.

High Heels

Sophisticated evening gowns, dazzling cocktail dresses and playful mini dresses can all be complemented by a teetering high-heeled shoe for a whimsical and graceful touch. Whether you choose a stiletto with its sleek and slender profile, or a chunky platform heel to make a statement, donning heels from one of the top shoe brands in Singapore is a great way to boost your confidence on special occasions.

Christian Louboutin's Hot Chick Sling

Easily recognisable from a mile away with the brand’s trademark red-lacquered soles, the designer shoes from Christian Louboutin are sure to leave a strong and unforgettable impression wherever you go. With numerous pop culture references in cinema and music since its creation in 1992, this shoe brand was propelled to cult status and has cemented itself as a household name in the fashion industry.

Edgy and fashionable, the iconic Hot Chick Pump takes on a new look in the form of the Hot Chick Sling, paying homage to its predecessor with the classic V-shaped notches around the ankle, dainty 70mm heels and the scarlet red bottom. The shoe features a slingback style for extra support and security and is crafted in black patent leather for a modern and spunky touch to any outfit.

Christian Louboutin is located at B1-127, The Shoppes.

Jimmy Choo's BING 65

Bedazzled with glittering crystals that add an ornate touch to the shoe, the BING 65 is the shoe for anyone looking for a statement shoe that stands out while maintaining a timeless look. The heel features a pointed toe juxtaposed against its crystal strap for a tasteful, complex design that will turn heads.

Explore a selection of exquisitely crafted heels from this iconic shoe brand.

Jimmy Choo is located at B2-80, The Shoppes.

Manolo Blahnik's Hangisi

Initially an aspiring costume designer, Manolo Blahnik’s shoe designing career took off when the then-director of the Met Costume Institute perused his sketches and noticed his captivating shoe designs in 1969. The shoe designer then went on to create one of the world’s most beloved luxury footwear brands with its ethos of crafting feminine stiletto heels for women.

The Hangisi is Manalo Blahnik’s famed line of shoes, with its iconic square crystal buckle adorning the toecap of the shoe. Available in an assortment of luxurious jewel tones and finishes, the Hangisi’s versatile svelte silhouette makes it the perfect heel to complement outfits of any colour and style.

Manolo Blahnik is located at B1-80A, The Shoppes.


Whether you’re heading out for a casual brunch outing, attending an upscale outdoor party or have a busy day running errands, sandals are the perfect footwear to slip on and go about your day with style.

Roger Vivier's Belle Vivier Metal Buckle Sandals

Conceived in 1937 on Rue Royale in Paris, Roger Vivier remains one of the best shoe brands in the world. The brand’s namesake designer Roger Vivier excelled in making high-heeled shoes, creating the first Aihuille heel in 1954. Today, the label pays homage to its founder’s sophisticated designs while maintaining a playful air of contemporary flair in its designs for the modern woman. 

Under the luxury shoe brand's most popular styles, Belle Vivier, the Belle Vivier Metal Buckle Sandals uses patent leather in their strap, enveloping your feet with a soft and supple texture while catching the light with a glossy finish as you move. With a gilded curved metal buckle, these are the dream sandals for adding a fabulous touch to any occasion.

Roger Vivier is located at B2-71, The Shoppes.

KWANPEN's Men's Sahara Sandal

Designed with a simple crisscross strap made with the brand’s signature crocodile leather, the Sahara Sandal epitomizes casual elegance. A fusion of excellent craftsmanship and modern elegance, these sandals radiate an aura of class while maintaining a laid-back vibe. Designed for both comfort and style, sandals from this luxury shoe brand are a versatile staple for the discerning gentleman's wardrobe.

KWANPEN is located at B2M-230, The Shoppes.


Walking and standing for extended hours is a breeze with trendy sneakers that easily suit informal and formal wear. These shoes come in a variety of designs that adapt to your needs: pair them with laidback and loose clothing for leisurely days or match them with fitting shirts and pants for a smart, polished presentation.

Paul Smith's Colour Block Shoe

Bold, quirky and classy, Paul Smith’s eclectic shoe and clothing line captures his inspiration from high art and everyday life. Featuring bright, cheery colours and unique patterns, the British designer toes the line between tradition and funky flair, creating a distinct shoe that is as unconventional as it is charming.

Paul Smith’s Colour Block Shoe effortlessly exudes playfulness with a touch pop of colour, making it an essential addition to any up-to-date wardrobe. The classic sneaker silhouette is given a splash of black, white and grey for a monochrome palette that ensures versatility from day to night wear, making the sneakers from this luxury shoe brand suitable for any occasion.

Paul Smith is located at B1-10, The Shoppes.

Limited Edt

With over 15 outlets in the country, Limited Edt has grown into one of the biggest players in the local sneaker scene.

Limited Edt features a large array of the best shoe brands in Singapore and premium sneaker brands, such as New Balance, Adidas, Converse, Puma and Vans to cater to casual shoppers and sneaker enthusiasts alike. True to its name, you’ll find limited edition drops and exclusive releases at this outlet.

Limited Edt is located at B2-58, The Shoppes.

Shoe tree and a pair of men's brown leather shoes from top shoe brand in Singapore

Caring for Your Designer Shoes

From storage methods to aftercare and maintenance, these tips for caring for your designer shoes are simple ways to help them remain in pristine condition for longer.


Storing your designer shoes in the proper conditions can help extend their lifespan and let you get extra mileage out of your daily footwear. Leather shoes from some of the top shoe brands in Singapore should be stored in well-ventilated places to prevent moulding, and away from direct sunlight as it can cause discolouration or result in the leather drying out. They should not be stored in dark, humid places which encourage mould growth, as this can cause the leather to rot and break down if left for extensive periods of time.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

As shoes go through a significant amount of wear, cleaning and maintaining your pair of designer shoes is essential to helping them remain durable.

Leather shoes require more maintenance than canvas shoes or sandals. Cleaning your leather shoes with a shoe brush or microfiber cloth everyday will help to prevent dirt or grime from etching into the leather, maintaining its shiny appearance. Polishing your leather shoes regularly helps to ensure the leather is sufficiently moisturised, which helps to prevent the leather from drying out and cracking.