i Light projection at ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sandsi Light projection at ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands


As part of i Light 2016 and commissioned by Marina Bay Sands, Japanese artist collective teamLab projected their interactive artwork, What a Loving & Beautiful World onto the exterior of the ArtScience Museum from 4 to 27 March, 2016. This projection coincided with the launch of ArtScience Museum's permanent exhibition, Future World: Where Art Meets Science, which is also a partnership with teamLab.

Audiences were part of the creation of an immersive, computer-generated world. What a Loving & Beautiful World was an interactive artwork that let you choose what was projected onto ArtScience Museum – directly from your smart phone. Selecting a Chinese character on your phone and ‘swiping’ the character onto the façade of the building caused it to transform into a beautiful picture. The projected pictures also interacted with one another, creating animations inspired by nature. The result was a mesmerizing, colourful, multi-sensory experience that continuously evolved as audiences interacted with it.