Louis Vuitton Series 3 ExhibitionLouis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition


A modern and unexpected reinterpretation of a fashion show, this exhibition, following on from SERIES 1 and SERIES 2, invited visitors to discover Nicholas Ghesquière’s inspiration for his fourth ready-to-wear show as Artistic Director for women’s collections at Louis Vuitton. Appearing for the first time in Asia, the SERIES 3 exhibition unveiled the iconic brand through a “series” of distinctive rooms conceived as a total physical and interactive immersion – a “journey” through the world of Louis Vuitton.

The free admission exhibition was on from 28th November to 23rd December 2015 at South Crystal Pavilion at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, and was open to the public daily 11am-11pm from Sunday to Thursday and 11am-11.30pm on Friday and Saturday.

A Louis Vuitton trunk at Marina Bay Sands


In the centre of the room, a Louis Vuitton trunk containing Nicolas Ghesquière’s creative process and inspiration. Over a century after its inception, the trunk still held some of Louis Vuitton’s most treasured secrets and guarded many of Nicolas Ghesquière’s new ones. It only had to be opened, and all would be revealed ...

Louis Vuitton Atelier at Marina Bay Sands


Each craftsman’s movement is that of an artist. Visitors entered into the heart of Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire and discovered where experienced hands brought to life the Louis Vuitton icons. A thousand movements came together to create each special piece. Visitors followed them in real-time as artisans created La Petite Malle and the Dora, two of Louis Vuitton’s New Classics.


Visitors relived the excitement that surrounds a show at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, where the Autumn-Winter 2015/2016 fashion show actually took place. 48 looks, backstage: 30 make-up artists under Pat McGrath’s guidance, 25 hairdressers under Paul Hanlon, 45 model dressers ... One designer: Nicolas Ghesquière. Freja Beha was first to take to the catwalk. She wore a white sheepskin coat, carried an Echappée Belle trunk in silver Epi and walked in black leather “Masterpiece” ankle boots.

Accessories Gallery at Marina Bay Sands


“I’ve always loved designing accessories. For me, accessories never stand alone, there has to be a common thread between them. They’re an integral part of each outfit, either clashing or complementing it. They share the same sentiment and movement as the garment. A silhouette is a complete make-up of all these elements.” – Nicolas Ghesquière

Louis Vuitton Walk in wardrobe at Marina Bay Sands


Here, clothes tucked away in their glass cases came alive when they were taken. Garments spoke to the woman who wished to own them. They told her a story, one she enjoyed listening to, tales of who she would like to become. The wardrobe: a gateway to a thousand possibilities.

Atale of Craftmanship at Marina Bay Sands


Be the hand behind each creation... Experience these movements ... Visitors saw the Louis Vuitton artisans and experienced life in the atelier where only hands could yield such beauty. There, time stood still.

 Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Lounge at Marina Bay Sands


Visitors finished their journeys of discovery in the world's first Louis Vuitton Pop-Up Lounge, which overlooked the stunning waters of Marina Bay and Singapore skyline from within the Southern Crystal Pavilion. They reflected on their unique experience of SERIES 3 with a glass of champagne and a delicious selection of light bites. 

Louis Vuitton presents SERIES 3 by Juergen Teller


For more information on the Louis Vuitton SERIES 3 Exhibition at Marina Bay Sands, please visit the Louis Vuitton website