Feng Shui In Singaporean ArchitectureFeng Shui In Singaporean Architecture


Feng Shui is the art of orienting buildings and objects according to a system that harmonies everything with its surrounding environment. Translated in English the term means wind-water and forms the foundations of Chinese Metaphysics – the invisible forces that connect the universe. Take a walk along Singapore’s central business district and you might notice that much of Singapore’s architecture is defined by the characteristics of feng shui. Start at the dragon’s mouth, on which stands Marina Bay Sands.

Situated at the mouth of Singapore’s dragon, Marina Bay Sands stands at the confluence of a strong stream of prosperous energy. The resort faces the country’s financial district, which is considered a prosperous sign for Marina Bay Sands and the city. The infinity pool at the top of Marina Bay Sands is also representative of a lake at the top of a giant mountain (the three towers of the resort) and is considered to be in harmony with its surroundings.

The ArtScience Museum in front of Marina Bay Sands is considered an architectural master piece and had won local and international acclaim for its unique design and construction style. The architecture of the ArtScience Museum is reminiscent of a lotus flower, a symbol of enlightenment, growth, and good fortune.

Several of the buildings in Singapore’s financial district are said to have been deliberately constructed in a clear rectangular shape to emulate earth-like elements surrounded by water from the Singapore River. The tranquility of the water gives rise to the earth elements allowing for further growth and progress.

The Singapore Flyer is Asia’s largest observation wheel offering visitors a panorama of Singapore’s skyline, sea front,  and several of its neighbourhoods. The wheel is configured to spin inwards towards the city to bring fortune and prosperity to the country. It’s interesting to note that the Singapore Flyer has 28 viewing capsules and each capsule is designed to hold a maximum of 28 people. When translated, the numbers two and eight form the term ‘easy prosperity’.

Moving further downtown to Orchard Road, Singapore’s shopping district, most visitors will succumb to the enormous variety of stores, entertainment complexes, and malls. What many might miss is that Orchard Road itself is a site for powerful feng shui forces. The direction of water flows in the area favours the area for wealth and prosperity.

There are several other iconic spots to explore the fascinating world of feng shui, from Singapore’s shopping malls and office layouts, to the geomancy stores and the fountain of wealth at Suntec City. Keep an open mind and see if you can figure out the feng shui of Singapore. After all, fortune favours the brave.