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A custodian of watchmaking tradition since 1735, Blancpain has set the standard with its spirit of innovation and taste for the provocative. In-built with a near-perfect mechanism, their watches have a time accuracy of 99.9994% that surpasses many complex watches. Each watch requires highly-skilled technicians to build its sophisticated features.

With cutting-edge technology and partnerships with divers, scientists, underwater explorers, environmentalists and photographers, Blancpain launched the Fifty Fathoms collection in 1953 as the first modern diver’s watch. Fifty Fathoms sparked Blancpain’s passion and dedication in global ocean preservation with the Blancpain Ocean Commitment. Since 2014, Blancpain has been the main sponsor of Festisub and has supported the 17th edition of the Swiss Underwater Film Festival in March 2019 – raising awareness and sharing its passion for ocean conservation.

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A Blancpain watch is more than the fruit of technical achievement; it is conceived as an object of grace, one to be treasured for generations to come. Shop Blancpain’s watches at Marina Bay Sands.

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