Afterwork Spa TreatmentsAfterwork Spa Treatments


What’s your favourite thing to do after work in Singapore? Head out for dinner by the river with colleagues? Meet friends at a rooftop bar and drown your workday worries? Do something artistic or blow off some steam at a bowling alley?

What about hitting the spa instead? The end of a workday might not seem like the best time to head to the spa – after all, you may not want to spend too much time out before heading back to the comfort of home. But there are some great spa treatments that would really hit the spot after a long day at work, and help you sleep better at night and feel rejuvenated and ready to face another day at the office!

Stepping into the Banyan Tree Spa at Marina Bay Sands is a relaxing experience in itself. The second the elevator doors open into the spa on Level 55, you’re in a different world – far above and away from the bustling city below, into a private, lush, quiet space where you can just stop everything and focus on yourself.

If you’ve been sitting at a desk all day, chances are your head and shoulders are feeling sore and tired. Most of us don’t practice all the healthy workplace habits we know we should – and it’s difficult to remember to stand up and stretch every hour, especially when you’re focusing hard on work! Try the 30-minute Head and Shoulder Massage, which specifically targets problem areas and helps you melt away the stress of a busy workday. Or, go for the 30-minute Back Massage to soothe those tired muscles. For those of us on our feet all day, the Banyan Foot Massage is an ideal option and concentrates on pressure points on the foot to rejuvenate your muscles and joints.

These 30-minute treatments come with an additional half hour of Calm Time, starting with a relaxing foot bath and ending your treatment with a herbal drink and healthy dessert in the lounge, where you’ll be accompanied by spectacular views of the city and sea, and the warm, attentive service of the staff. After just an hour in the evening, you’ll leave feeling much more relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep!

If you prefer not to get a massage, a facial can be a delightful post-work indulgence. Pamper yourself with a facial selected from the extensive menu. All facials include a neck, head and shoulder massage as well as 30 minutes of Calm Time to make you feel incredibly relaxed. A hard day at work will feel so far away when you’re under the expert hands of our therapists, and you’ll leave with glowing skin and enough confidence to take on anything. Let yourself feel a little extra spoiled by adding a hand or foot treatment to hydrate and relax your hands and feet after they’ve been subjected to dryness and harsh air conditioning all day.

While an after work spa treatment is a fabulous way to relax, there’s no reason you can’t indulge a little further with a spa day – or a relaxing weekend staycation!