ArtScience on Screen


ArtScience on Screen explores the intersection between art and science using moving image, video and film. In a rolling programme, ArtScience on Screen features a range of exciting filmmakers and artists from Singapore and beyond, at various stages of their careers.  

Presentations will include solo showcases of artists’ moving image work, curated programmes of film exploring specific artscience themes, feature length film screenings, multi-screen presentations and creative documentaries that introduce key practitioners and methods in the field.

ArtScience on Screen forms the backbone of the museum’s dedicated film programming, and is part of Marina Bay Sands’ ongoing commitment to the local and international film culture and community. In addition to screenings, Level 4 of ArtScience Museum will also host regular press conferences, dialogue sessions and masterclasses with acclaimed filmmakers and artists, with the aim to inspire audiences to discover art and science through film and moving image.


Currently Showing

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

1 – 18 Jul, 20 – 31 Jul
Expression Gallery | Level 4 I Free admission

Known in her time as the ‘most beautiful woman in the world’, Hedy Lamarr was a forward-thinking, technically-brilliant innovator. Non-conformist and frank, Hedy was unafraid to speak her mind and follow her passion. Her ‘frequency hopping’ patent has formed the basis of some of the most pervasive technologies in our use: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and wireless telephones and yet she is mostly remembered as glamourous 1940s Hollywood starlet. This award-winning documentary revisits that legacy and recalls a brave immigrant, with an inquisitive mind, who unashamedly challenged conventions.

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