CHINOISERIE Modern Asian by Justin Quek

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An exclusive fine dining restaurant by Asia’s premier celebrity Chef Justin Quek. Luxuriously plush with tables set with exquisite fine pieces, this is where a new level of French-Asian fine dining is presented with the panache and savoir-faire of European fine dining establishments.

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A carefully curated collection of fine and rare wines complete your gastronomic journey. The experience here, the Grand Cru of Franco-Asian cuisine.

Dining Specials

Enjoy a sophisticated French-Asian 3-course lunch featuring some of Chef Justin Quek’s most tantalising culinary creations.
Take Away Selected Wine
Take Away Selected Wine
Take away selected good wines from CHINOISERIE’s curated menu.
Social Hour
Expertly balanced, the Copper Negroni conjures up romance and sophistication - with a dash of danger.

Meet The Chef

Chef-Owner Justin Quek

Quek is best known for his Franco-Asian cuisine, borne of his Asian heritage and culinary experiences in Europe. He has also cooked for numerous politicians and dignitaries.