Negroni Week Wine event in Marina Bay SandsNegroni Week Wine event in Marina Bay Sands

Negroni Week

Celebrate one of the world’s greatest cocktails for a charitable cause with Negroni Week at seven participating bars at Marina Bay Sands. For every sale of a glass of Negroni, $1 will be donated to one of our designated charities, the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS). Proceeds will go towards CPAS’ Occupational Workshop program which provides vocational training and employment for adult clients through its sheltered workshop/café.

Prices listed are subject to 10% Service Charge and 7% GST. 


Specially handcrafted by Corporate Executive Chef Lee Hefter for Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group, enjoy the bespoke Negroni at $26 SGD.
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Enjoy Spago’s modern interpretation of the classic Negroni at $24 SGD, using premium ingredients to create a harmony of flavors. Tanqueray Gin adds a delicate botanical component, Carpano Antica Vermouth for richness and finally, a unique blend of Campari and Aperol for a dry but citrusy finish. The careful balance of these ingredients promises a unique and memorable cocktail experience.
Spago Negroni Week

Rise Lounge

Sip on a Blood Orange Negroni at $20 SGD, a classic Negroni infused with a hint of Chrysanthemum and Blood orange giving an added kick to the palate. 
RISE Negroni Week

Osteria & Pizzeria Mozza

Osteria Mozza | $20 SGD
Pizzeria Mozza | $18 SGD

Try a new variation with Mozza’s Seasonal Negroni featuring seasonal produce, spices, and herbs to compliment the original concoction. Taste the soft, warming notes of fennel pollen, gently infused into premium gin, berry fruit notes from strawberries slowly cooked, sous vide, together with a blend of Campari and Aperol, finally blended to perfection with premium Italian vermouth and garnished with spring herbs and citrus zest. 

Osteria Mozza Negroni Week

db Bistro & Oyster Bar

db Bistro’s Golden Negroni presents a concoction of Tanquery Gin, Sallers Apertif, Dolin Dry Vermouth, Grand Marnier, and finished off with a spray of Campari. Garnished with a torched orange slice, candied orange stick and gold leaf, enjoy the classic cocktail at $24 SGD.
db Bistro Negroni Week

Bread Street Kitchen

Choose from a selection of three Negronis at $20 each for a unique experience. Have it the classic way with a customized Negroni tailored to your taste, imbibe a glass of Barrel Aged Negroni using old forgotten recipes for aging this wonderful cocktail or for Molecular mixology at its finest, enjoy a dairy-free Soft Serve Negroni.

The Bar at Waku Ghin

The Negroni Diablo | $25 SGD

A concoction of Bamboo carbon powder mix with Tanqueray gin, Campari and Mancino Bianco, finished off with an Orange slice and lemon zest.

Waku Ghin Negroni Week


The Champagne Negroni ($28 SGD) elevates the refreshing and inspritational notes of the classic negroni to add a layer of effervescence with our favorite champagne, Chartogne Taillet. 
Adrift Negroni Week