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 20 Jun 2019  

Taking your first step into the world of luxury watches can be at once memorable yet overwhelming.


A Mecca for Watch Lovers

luxury watches

Singapore is renowned as a luxury shopper’s paradise. According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, Singapore remains the 7th largest watch market in the world, largely due to the availability of many brands and models here, as well as the sophisticated watch-collecting community.

While it’s best to buy one from a brand backed by a solid reputation and history, understand that you’re not just buying brand prestige – but millions of hours of skilled craftsmanship and the inherent value of the precious metals that go into these pieces.


Luxury watch

Fine watchmaking is a case of getting what you pay for, and just a little TLC will keep your wristwatch ticking forever. The movement, or calibre, is the mechanism inside a watch that is fundamental to how it works and keeps time. There are three main types of watch movements.

Quartz: The most popular of the watch types available, as they are affordable and extremely accurate. A quartz watch uses electricity from a battery, which is regulated through a tiny quartz crystal. As the crystal vibrates, a circuit then converts these movements into a pulse, causing the seconds hand on the watch to be powered up.

Mechanical: Powered by a complex array of gears and springs, these watches must be manually wound regularly. The mainspring then slowly but steadily unwinds, causing the seconds hand to move. A mechanical movement watch can command a hefty price due to its superior craftsmanship.

Automatic: Like mechanical watches, the watch’s hands are powered by a mainspring. An automatic watch does not need to be wound, though; it simply winds the spring through the movement of the wearer’s wrist, and remains powered so long as the wearer keeps moving.


luxury watch

If you want a watch that does more than tell the time, you’re looking at one with complications.

These could include a date or a moon phase display, chronographs, world timers, tourbillons, perpetual calendars or minute repeaters. A chronograph is sometimes paired with a tachymeter, which allows the user to calculate speed, distance travelled, or even fuel consumption.

Size matters

luxury watch

Always find a watch that is proportional to the circumference of your wrist. If it measures seven to eight inches, you should choose a watch with a case width of 44-46mm. If your wrist is slightly smaller, about six to seven inches, you should select 38-42mm wide.

The strap is a potent expression of your personality and must be coordinated with the rest of your ensemble.

There are sartorial rules to be observed, principally concerning the match of leather strap to one’s belt (i.e. black with black, brown with brown). When in doubt, a steel bracelet is a safe bet.

Style dossiers: types of watches 

luxury watch

These are some watch types to know before embarking on your hunt for the perfect timepiece.

The aviation watch: Often branded as pilot watches, an aviation watch typically features an oversized dial with clean numbers, luminous hands, leather bands, and a chronograph and date function.

The diving watch: Designed with divers in mind, diving watches continue running even when submerged up to 100 metres underwater.

The case and band are typically corrosion-resistant, and built using metals such as stainless steel, rubber, silicone and titanium – while the watch face is protected with sapphire or hardened mineral glass.

A defining feature is the unidirectional bezel on the case that only rotates counter-clockwise. This allows a diver to know how long he’s been underwater by just glancing at his watch.

The dress watch: Often suited for more formal occasions, a simple dress watch is thin with a circular, square or rectangular face. It also uses simple indexes for hours like symbols or Roman numerals.

The driving watch: A good driving watch should have a chronograph and tachymeter – as well as a large dial in bright colours, a case that’s typically made from stainless steel, and a leather or metal band.

Having suitably learnt the basics, your next stop’s now perusing the luxury watches at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. With more than 30 brands on offer, there’s something for every (horological taste) and wrist.

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