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Gain insights to a line-up of intriguing topics that showcase the best in arts and science, and be inspired by the passion of esteemed industry leaders giving engaging presentations.

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Conversations: If Walls Could Talk

Conversations: If Walls Could Talk 

13 January | 2pm
Expression Gallery, Level 4

What is behind one of the most vibrant, vital contemporary art currents that is sweeping through our time?

Conversations discusses the multiplicity of street art and its transformation over the last four decades as a global phenomenon, delving into the codes of the movement and its constant innovation. Held in celebration of the opening of Art from the Streets, the programme explores the diversity of artistic expressions in response to our evolving urban environment, and how street art is transforming the way that the city is perceived and lived.

Speakers include Magda Danysz (gallerist and guest curator of Art from the Streets), Remi Rough (artist, founding member of Agents of Change, member of Graffuturism), Zul Othman a.k.a. ZERO (artist, founder of Rsclsand THE SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT), Laurie Maravilla a.k.a. SPAZ (artist, founder of Rebel Daughters and THE SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT, member of RSCLS), Priyageetha Dia (artist), Natalie Tan (Senior Manager of Placemaking at Aliwal Arts Centre), Mark Wong (founder of Ujikaji Records), Alvin Tan (founder and artistic director of The Necessary Stage) and Cherian George (Professor of Media Studies at Department of Journalism of Hong Kong Baptist University).

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