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Global Art Forum: 'I Am Not A Robot' | Singapore Edition

21 - 23 Sep 2018, Friday to Sunday
Free | Expression Gallery | Level 4

'I Am Not A Robot' invites audiences to reflect upon the true meaning of big data, automation and artificial intelligence in our current digital age. Through the work and ideas of artists, curators, designers, journalists, writers, scientists, technologists and filmmakers, this three-day conference discusses Singapore’s approach to AI, the future of work in an age of automation, cultural and artistic approaches to AI, big data and robotics, and depictions of robots and synthetic beings in cinema.

Speakers include Shumon Basar, Noah Raford,Marlies Wirth, Jessica Bland, Ania Soliman, Wong Tien Yin, Koo Sengmeng, Lim Sun Sun, Wong Choon Yue, David Hsu,Sara M. Watson, Wesley Goatley, Louis-Philippe Demers,Volker H. Schmidt, Lee Chor Pharn, Cheryl Chung, Wei Qing, Sougwen Chung, Gemma Roig, Elie Ayache and Isabel Lewis.

*Free on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited capacity.

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