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 3 Nov 2020  

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Guide to the Singapore Sling  |  Cocktails at Marina Bay Sans

Cocktails are a great way to spice up your evening or unwind after a long day; these delightful concoctions offer the perfect blend of liquor and exciting flavours. Whether you’re a light drinker or a cocktail connoisseur, there’s bound to be a cocktail you’ll love.

Guide to the Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling is one of this island nation’s most iconic creations, a throwback to its colonial past, and, for all practical purposes, a great way to cool down in the tropical heat of the city. Read on to learn a little more about the intrigue, history, and modern variations on this famous cocktail.


Singapore Sling


It all started on a sultry tropical day in the early 20th century at the Long Bar of the Raffles Hotel, nestled in Singapore’s Civic District. The bartender was a Mr Ngiam Tong Boon, of Hainanese Chinese descent, and he developed a drink he called the gin sling, comprising two parts gin, one part cherry brandy, and one part juice (a blend of orange, lime, and Sarawak pineapple).

Legend has it that it was created as a light drink for the ladies, with its pink colour and sweet taste. While the Raffles Hotel says that it was created before 1910, other experts point to 1913 and 1915. The drink was popular in the Long Bar for a decade or so, but fell out of fashion by the 1930s. 


Singapore sling


It is therefore difficult to know how close the current version of the Singapore Sling is to its original, since all the bartenders have left for us is a loose collection of written notes. It’s no wonder then, that the cocktail has undergone so many variations. Many will insist that the original recipe used Bénédictine and Cherry Heering, and more recent recipes have almost always included grenadine.

In the 1930s, the Savoy Cocktail Book simply said that the ingredients should be lemon juice, dry gin, cherry brandy, and soda water. The Raffles Hotel today serves a version that they say resembles the original, and you’ll find the cocktail on the Singapore Airlines drinks list, too.


Adrift Singapore Sling


The versatility of the Sling makes it easy to adapt into modern twists, including what you’ll find at CÉ LA VI in Marina Bay Sands, where the classic is reinvented in a stylish blend of gin, liqueurs, pineapple, and lemon. You can even find a few Sling-inspired dessert recipes online!

One of the reasons for the Singapore Sling’s long-term impact is its association with the exotic, colonial past of Singapore. Take a walk around the historical heart of Singapore and you’ll find that it’s not difficult to imagine the city as it was at the start of the 20th century, with graceful white columns, leafy shaded gardens, and people seated in wicker chairs on verandahs with a Sling in hand. 


Cocktails at Marina Bay Sans

With the countless bars and restaurants at Marina Bay Sands, your options for cocktails are endless. Start here with our guide to cocktails; pick your poison for the evening, or work your way through the list for a truly memorable night.   


Marina Bay Sands Mott 32 Cocktail

Mott 32 Singapore

It's not just Dim Sum at Mott 32, take on the modern Cantonese fare and complement it with a variety of stellar Asian-centric cocktails, featuring distinct and authentic flavours of Asia.

Savour popular cocktail like the Forbidden Rose, a tangy fruity cocktail complete with a soft spicy kick from the chilli. Or refresh your taste buds with Hong Kong Iced Tea, a fusion of Tequila and Lillet Blanc, garnished with basil seeds for a minty finish. Looking for something smoky? You will appreciate Fujian Negroni – a well-balanced combination of Amaro, Aperol, and Lapsang Souchong Tea, with hints of ginseng and sichuan pepper.

marina bay sands bread street kitchen drinks

Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay

Soak up the Marina Bay scenery at Bread Street Kitchen’s al fresco bar. Known for traditional British fare such as Fish & Chips, Beef Wellington, and Scotch Eggs, round off your foray into British cuisine with the 5 o’clock cocktail – Bread Street Kitchen’s take on the classic British clarified milk punch. Presented in a teapot, the 5 o’clock blends whisky, English breakfast tea, spices, citrus, and clarified milk into a soothing, fragrant cocktail.

For a fruity treat, the Les Fleurs Du Bien (LFDB) fuses Bread Street Kitchen’s own raspberry-lavender liqueur with hibiscus, lemon, egg white, vodka and prosecco in a fizzy, light drink. Work off the afternoon heat with a cool glass of Pimm’s o’clock, a popular British summer drink, which combines Pimm’s liqueur and lemonade, enriched with mint and berries.

Cap off your evening with V. November, inspired by Guy Fawkes Night (5th November), which features an explosive concoction of Gosling’s Black Seal rum, gunpowder tea smoked liqueur, lime and soda.


CUT - Rough Love cocktail

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

Be spoilt for choice with the finest range of beef selections at CUT – choose from Australian Angus, American Wagyu, and Japanese Kobe Beef. Accompany your meal with one of CUT’s designer cocktails, or pair your steak with perfectly aged red wine.

CUT’s signature cocktail is Rough Love, an intense mixture of champagne, umeshu, and Tanqueray No. Ten – expect a surprisingly large glass with a raspberry precariously balanced on an ice cube, with the added challenge of finishing the drink without dropping the raspberry. A potent combination of heavy liquors, light drinkers might want to steer clear of this drink, or work off the alcoholic buzz with a helping of CUT’s Mini Kobe Sliders - vegetarians can opt for the Impossible Sliders, a plant-based recreation of the same dish.

CUT’s refined selection of gin-based cocktails include Forbidden Kiss, a fusion of Hendrick’s, fresh raspberries, rose elixir, and lemon; London Calling – Tanqueray and Cointreau mingled with elderflower and orange blossom; and Run Like Hell, a delectable mixture of The Botanist, elderflower and lavender.


Spago - Love You Long Time cocktail

Spago Bar & Lounge

Located on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands, admire stunning panoramas of the city skyline and Gardens by the Bay at Spago Bar & Lounge. Pair your Spago Bar & Lounge

A staple of Spago’s cocktail menu is the vodka-based cocktail Love You Long Time – an aromatic, spicy-sweet concoction of Ketel One vodka, tangerine, Thai basil, and sparkling Sake. The vibrant yellow mixture, garnished with a leaf of basil and tangerine peel, makes for a highly Instagrammable drink, and the amazing views serve as a superb backdrop for foodie shots.

Catch the sunset as you peruse Spago’s Sundowners menu – cocktails include The Garden of Eden, a fragrant mix of mango black tea infused vodka, lemon and cane sugar; Peace on Earth – tropical rum punch enlivened with passion fruit, orgeat and coconut; and Show Me Love – Belvedere and St. Germain infused with lychee and lime.


Yardbird Cocktails

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Situated by the waterfrontYardbird boasts a picture-postcard view of the Singapore central business district, along with an impressive 100-year-old family recipe for fried chicken. Indulge in an all-American meal, starting the course with Crab Cakes and Crispy Chicken Biscuits, followed by mains of Chicken ‘n’ Watermelon ‘n’ Waffles and St Louis Style Pork Ribs, finally retiring for the evening with Peach Cobbler and Fried Oreos.

Accompany your meal with your bevvy of choice – Yardbird’s comprehensive beverage menu offers classic drinks, regionally inspired cocktails, and of course, a curated selection of gin & tonics. A concoction of watermelon juice, whiskey, lemon, and rosemary, order a glass of Watermelon Sling for a unique, pleasant beverage.

Yardbird’s signature cocktail, the Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade, combines whiskey, blackberry, cardamom, lemon, bitters, and club soda for a clean, distinct taste. Other notable choices from Yardbird’s repertoire include Southern Revival – a mellow, fruity combination of whiskey, ginger ale, passionfruit, lemon and basil – and Southern Peach, a satisfying blend of whiskey, lemon thyme, white peach and sweet tea.


Spice up your Tuesday evenings with Social Hour at Marina Bay Sands – guzzle down half-priced cocktails at our array of restaurants and bars. Grab an after work drink with colleagues by the waterfront at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, or unwind 57 storeys above Marina Bay at Spago Bar & Lounge
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