Social Hour at Marina Bay SandsSocial Hour at Marina Bay Sands


Raising the Bar —— Find out how our signature cocktails are being made.

50% Off Signature Cocktails, Every Tuesday During Social Hour!*

*Social Hour pricing applies Tuesdays 6pm to 9pm for all participating venues, with the exceptions of Club55. Social Hour pricing for Club55 applies Tuesdays 9pm to 12 midnight.

Penicillin cocktail by Adrift Bar and Lounge at Marina Bay Sands

Adrift Bar & Lounge

50% off all cocktails, Tuesdays 6–9pm 

50% off all cocktails

Margarita and Tinto de Verano by Bazin at Marina Bay Sands


50% off Margarita and Tinto de Verano, Tuesdays 6–9pm

Margarita - Sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite timeless, classic Margarita cocktail at Bazin.
Tinto de Verano - Bazin’s red summer wine, a sweet mix of red wine with a selection of fresh fruits in crushed ice garnished with a lemon.

Ramos Gin Fizz cocktail by Bread Street Kitchen at Marina Bay Sands

Bread Street Kitchen

50% off Pineapple Swizzle cocktail, Tuesdays 6–9pm

In 19th century England, one of the most prized delicacies was “Pineapple Rum". To recreate this delicacy, Plantation Pineapple Rum is infused with Queen Victoria Pineapples for a brilliant balance. Stirred with a swizzle, taste citrusy notes combined with coconut water and a herbal balance of Chartreuse.

Cocktails by Celavi at Marina Bay Sands


50% off Frosé and Singapore Fling, Tuesdays 6–9pm, only available at the SkyBar

Frosé - A frozen concoction of Rosé Wine & Aperol
Singapore Fling - A CÉ LA VI original – a frosty twist on the classic.

Cocktails by Club55 at Marina Bay Sands


50% off Signature Cocktails, Tuesdays 9pm–12 midnight

Be mesmerised by the view while sipping on our signature cocktails  Pink Lady, New York Whisky Sour and CLUB55

Rough Love Cocktail by CUT at Marina Bay Sands


50% off Rough Love cocktails, Tuesdays 6–9pm

Rough Love – CUT's signature cocktail is an exquisite fusion of Champagne, Tanqueray No. Ten & Yatagarasu Shiso Ume

Tiki Cocktails by db Bistro and Oyster Bar at Marina Bay Sands

db Bistro and Oyster Bar

50% off Signature Bonsai Bloom and Tiki Cocktails, Tuesdays 6–9pm

Start your night with the Bonsai Bloom, a refreshing concoction of Sake, gin, yuzu, lychee and fresh cucumber or escape to the Caribbean with half price on four signature Tiki cocktails – The Conga Punch, the Hurricane, the Mai Tai and the Zombie.

Signature Cocktails by High Society at Marina Bay Sands

High Society

50% off Signature Cocktails & 20% off Bar Bites, Tuesdays 6–9pm

Indulge on Tuesday evenings with half price on signature cocktails His & Hers Cosmopolitan and the Singapore Sling

555 Cocktail by Long Chim at Marina Bay Sands

Long Chim

50% off 555 cocktails, Tuesdays 6–9pm

555 – This Long Chim original creation is a spicy yet refreshing blend of Cocci Americano, Fords Dry Gin, Coriander, Lemon & Cucumber

Singapore Sling 1913 by Osteria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands

Osteria Mozza

50% off Singapore Sling 1913 cocktails and Negroni cocktails, Tuesdays 6–9pm

Singapore Sling 1913 – Made to the original 1913 recipe! Dry Gin, Cherry Brandy, Benedictine DOM, Lime & Soda
Negroni - Enjoy the smoky, bold flavours of Marconi 46 gin, Carpano and Campari.

Mozza Margarita cocktail by Pizzeria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands

Pizzeria Mozza

50% off Mozza Margarita  and Aperol Spritz cocktails, Tuesdays 6–9pm

Mozza Margarita – A sweet and nutty Italian variation on the classic Margarita cocktail with Tequila, Lime, Amaretto & Cointreau
Aperol Spritz - The most popular Italian aperitif combining Aperol, Prosecco and a splash of soda

Design Your Own Martini at Renku - Marina Bay Sands


50% off Design Your Own Martini, Tuesdays 6–9pm

Create a martini of your choice with five different gin and vodka bases, topped with your favourite garnish.

Love You Long Time cocktail by Spago at Marina Bay Sands


50% off Love You Long Time cocktails, Tuesdays 6–9pm 

Love You Long Time  – A vibrantly-coloured, spicy-sweet concoction of Ketel One Vodka, Tangerine, Thai Basil, and Sparkling Sake

Samurai Mule cocktail by Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands

The Bar at Waku Ghin

50% off Ghin Martini and Samurai Mule cocktails, Tuesdays 6–9pm 

Samurai Mule – Masuizumi Pt Nama (Sake), Fresh Lime Juice & Ginger Beer, made with precision by our Japanese-trained bartenders

The Bird Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade cocktail at Marina Bay Sands

The Bird Southern Table & Bar

50% off signature cocktails,
 Tuesdays 6–9pm

Select from the signature Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade, Southern Revival, Southern Peach & Watermelon Sling.