CUT by Wolfgang Puck

Renowned for being one of the best steakhouses in SingaporeMichelin-starred restaurant CUT has made its foray into the waters to produce innovative seafood dishes using the freshest seafood sourced from around the region.

Hokkaido uni, jade abalone and razor clam grilled over binchotan from CUT by Wolfgang Puck, a fine dining seafood restaurant in Singapore

Diners at CUT are welcomed with a showcase of oceanic treasures to feast their eyes on, like supersized Alaskan king crabs, sustainably sourced oysters from New Zealand and abalones specially handpicked by haenyeo divers in Jeju Island.

For starters, dive into the Tsarkaya Oyster Duo, a refreshing dish of succulent New Zealand oysters that are sustainably sourced, elevated with a citrus concoction and blend of green apple granita, apple cider and horseradish. Continue your journey with the savoury goodness of the dish that celebrates the ocean’s bounty – a pairing of Hokkaido uni, jade abalone and razor clam grilled over binchotan, on a velvety potato cream base.

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Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine

The gifts of the sea have always held a special place at the table of Chinese cuisine. Imperial Treasure evolves this heritage with an inventive take on generational recipes and techniques, bringing this Chinese seafood restaurant in Singapore a raft of illustrious awards, including ranking in Asia’s Top 50 and a Two-Diamond in the Meituan-Dianping’s Black Pearl Guide.

Steamed lobster at Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine in Singapore, which has an extensive seafood menu

Explore the extensive menu with signature dishes like Australian Lobster baked with Superior Broth- a simple yet satisfying dish, brimming with the natural sweetness and exquisite texture of the lobster when baked in a rich superior broth. For a crunchy palate cleanser, try the Deep-fried Squid. Pieces of squid are stuffed with shrimp paste, seasoned with salt and pepper, then fried until a deep golden brown.

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JUMBO Signatures

Journey back to Singapore’s colourful and storied past within the confines of premium dining concept JUMBO Signatures. The space is a tapestry of intricate patterns and traditional details, complemented by a menu that immerses you in Singapore’s iconic flavours.

Chilli crab claw with fried mantou served at JUMBO Signatures, the best seafood restaurant in Singapore

Over the years, seafood at JUMBO has deservedly received its fair share of accolades, none more so than their award-winning crab. A perennial favourite for many diners, the Mud Crab is prepared to your liking in a variety of cooking styles, including a bold black pepper flavour and creamy golden salted egg.

Of course, the legendary dish from this seafood restaurant in Singapore is its Chilli Crab. The scrumptious scent of the dish greets you as it arrives at your table, accompanied by equally tasty fried buns. The shell cracks open to reveal succulent meat packed with subtle sweetness, perfect for dipping into JUMBO’s signature chilli sauce prepared with a blend of over ten spices, including turmeric, lemongrass, candlenut, and Tau Cheo. Now a household name among many for serving the best chilli crab, JUMBO Signatures is definitely one of the best seafood restaurants in Singapore.

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KOMA Singapore

As you enter KOMA, one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Singapore, you’ll be greeted by its dazzling interiors that are as impressive as their culinary innovations. Offering one of Singapore's most immersive fine dining experiences, the menu features tantalising seafood plates crafted with the freshest seasonal produce and ingredients sourced straight from Japan.

Sashimi, prawns and fresh oysters at KOMA Singapore, a Japanese restaurant serving fresh seafood sourced from Japan

Start your meal with a glistening Assorted Sashimi Platter for a sampling of the deliciousness to come – expertly prepared slices of tuna, king salmon, and yellowtail melt in your mouth with subtle flavours.

Mark the special occasion with a helping of exquisite Caviar. Prepared with premium N25 Schrenckii Acipenser Sturgeon and presented with a set of traditional condiments, this rare and luxurious dish is held in high regard for its indelible nutty, buttery aftertaste and flavour profile reminiscent of floral notes and toasted almonds. Taste the freshest seafood in Singapore with these Japanese-inspired dishes at KOMA Singapore.

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Maison Boulud

Embark on a culinary voyage at Maison Boulud, where the treasures of the sea transform into a symphony of flavours. Nestled along the waterfront, Maison Boulud welcomes you to savour their culinary excellence, drawing inspiration from the depths of the ocean.

Assorted Seafood tower from Maison Boulud

Immerse yourself in the opulence of their Chilean Sea Bass Confit in Olive Oil -  a dish that transcends ordinary seafood experiences. Imagine succulent bites of the sea bass, gently confited to perfection in olive oil. The Mediterranean masterpiece is a testament to Chef Daniel Boulud's artistry, bringing a touch of coastal elegance to the heart of Singapore.

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RISE Restaurant

Drawing inspiration from Singapore's multifaceted heritage, RISE presents a culinary fusion of beloved ancestral dishes and refined elegance. Abundant with authentic flavours, the menu invokes a sense of nostalgia while stimulating your senses for a wonderfully tasty experience.

Assortment of seafood served at a seafood buffet in Singapore at RISE Restaurant, Marina Bay Sands

For a comprehensive sample of the delights on offer, book a table at the famous RISE Restaurant to indulge in their seafood buffet. Available for weekend lunch or dinner, set sail for a medley of aquatic treats on ice, such as fresh king prawns, pacific clams, Boston Bay blue mussels, and scallops.

Of course, be sure to leave room for the star of the show, the Singapore Chilli Crab. Adored by locals and foodies the world over, this unofficial national dish is prepared with freshly caught premium Sri Lankan crabs drenched in a thick and tangy tomato-based gravy, infused with a generous sprinkle of spices and thickened with beaten eggs. Napkins are essential for what might be the best crab in Singapore.

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Sen of Japan

With a gastronomic ideal centred around freshness or Sen, Chef Nakano Hiromi – who formerly headed the highly acclaimed NOBU at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – elevates culinary artistry with his contemporary take on seafood and Japanese cuisine at Sen of Japan.

Fresh sashimi plated with garnish at Sen of Japan at Marina Bay Sands

The creative approach at this seafood restaurant in Singapore results in dishes like the Maguro Pizza, a unique spin on the classic Italian dish with enticing slices of bluefin tuna, sweet red onions, tobiko, and gold flakes all beautifully laid out on a thin pastry crust with nutty truffle mayo. A compelling starter to pair with your pizza would be the Hamachi Carpaccio, prepared with sliced yellowtail and a punchy truffle ponzu dressing.

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Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda

Waku Ghin promises a sublime menu filled with exceptional gourmet dishes worthy of its two Michelin Stars. Using only select seasonal ingredients, this two Michelin star restaurant brings a new definition to the art of fine dining, and seafood is central to the experience.

An exquisite dish featuring fresh botan shrimp with sea urchin and caviar at Waku Ghin Singapore

The best place to begin is the house specialty, the Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Caviar. Served in a stunning sea urchin shell, bury the mother-of-pearl spoon into a bed of uni and Botan shrimp marinated in a brew of soy, mirin, and dashi. Sitting pretty on top is the Oscietra caviar that lifts the dish to another level.

For a glorious fusion of zest and savoury goodness, opt for the Aburi Tasmanian Ocean Trout with Yuzu. The smoky flavours of the gently torched Tasmanian Ocean Trout is complemented by a hint of yuzu for a refreshing touch. 

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Wakuda Restaurant & Bar

In a collaboration between award-winning restaurateur John Kunkel and internationally renowned two-Michelin-starred Chef Tetsuya Wakuda, the forefront of Japanese dining is where you will discover Wakuda. As one of the best seafood restaurants in Singapore, this evocative new dining experience is set in a seductive atmosphere that captures the spirit of its surroundings through exquisitely prepared cuisine.

Canadian Lobster served at Wakuda, Singapore at Marina Bay Sands

Sushi lovers and devotees of fine Japanese dining are in for a treat with the level of quality on display here. Take a moment to study the Chirashi section of the menu and look out for the Aburi Toro Don; a delicious combination of tender tuna belly, scallion, and garlic all set on a cup of soft sushi rice.

Don’t miss the crowd-pleasing Carabineros Prawn - roasted Carabineros served with succulent shellfish and umami-filled miso risotto. Pair with a sake-infused cocktail like the Wakō, crafted with Plantation dark rum, juicy pineapple bits, ginger beer, a splash of yuzu sake and a squeeze of refreshing kaffir lime. Kanpai!

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