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Restaurants for Birthday Celebrations in Singapore

At Marina Bay Sands, you’ll find a variety of dining choices from intimate restaurants perfect for a cosy birthday celebration, to welcoming venues that’ll accommodate your little ones for a celebration to remember.

Fine Dining Restaurants for Birthdays

Pamper yourself with a birthday celebration that transcends the ordinary. From exquisite omakase menus with fresh ingredients sourced globally to fine dining atmospheres that provide an escape into divine culinary creations, these restaurants are sure to top the list when looking for places to celebrate birthdays in Singapore.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

Feast on premium cuts of beef imported from three different continents that will sate the birthday party’s cravings with a curated selection of steaks seared to perfection. Take a dive in oceans with Binchotan Grilled Jade Abalone topped with Kaluga Caviar or experience the sweet burst of umami freshness with Tsarskaya Oysters drizzled with Ponzu Vinegar.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck is located at B1-71, The Shoppes.

Spago Bar & Lounge

Spago Bar & Lounge

One of Singapore’s best places for birthday celebrations, Spago’s chic, colonial-style interior sets the mood for a rooftop dining experience. With sprawling views of the Singapore skyline as the backdrop to your evening, have a birthday feast with Spago’s eclectic menu inspired by a fusion of Asian and Western flavours. The ambience and culinary creations meld together for a whimsical blend of excitement perfect for any birthday celebration in Singapore.

Spago Bar & Lounge is located at L57, Sands SkyPark, Hotel Tower 2.



Be transported to Japan for a birthday dinner in Singapore that combines a modern, contemporary feel with traditional Japanese decor that pays homage to the land of the rising sun. The exquisite interiors-comprising a passageway lined with orange arches and an extravagant Japanese bell towering over a foot bridge makes this Japanese restaurant a worthy addition to any birthday celebration. Indulge in a meat lover’s dream with the A5 Wagyu Beef Tenderloin, or take a dive into deep, ocean waters for a taste of the flavourful Salmon Pillow oozing rich umami notes that take you to the shores of Japan.

KOMA Singapore is located at B1-67, The Shoppes.

Wakuda Restaurant & Bar

Wakuda Restaurant & Bar

Treat your loved ones to a birthday dinner in the vibrant pulse of Tokyo's heart, Shinjuku, with Wakuda Restaurant & Bar’s bold interior design and experimental cuisine for an unmatched dining experience. Taking the nostalgic Golden Gai in Shinjuku as its muse, the decor emulates the charming doorways of the street, with warm lighting and modern artwork. Savour the sea’s bounty with the deliciously creamy and tender Big Eye Tuna, or the WAKUDA Yuba featuring Kyoto’s Fresh Bean Curd Skin with Hokkaido Sea Urchin and Mountain Caviar.

Wakuda Restaurant & Bar is located at Lobby, Hotel Tower 2.

Mott 32 Singapore

Mott 32 Singapore

Mott 32 weaves a tapestry of culinary magic, marrying cherished Chinese traditions with the zest of global innovation, breathing life into time-honoured recipes. Known for its signature Apple-Wood Roasted Peking Duck prepared with freshly imported ducks meticulously roasted with apple wood, the tender meat boasts a rich, smoky flavour that will leave you craving for more. With an extensive menu selection offering dim sum delights and hearty seafood selections, this Chinese restaurant is a perfect place for a birthday dinner in Singapore. 

Mott 32 Singapore is located at B1-42-44, The Shoppes.

Casual Birthday Celebrations in Singapore

Celebrate your special day in style with casual yet trendy rooftop bars and restaurants for the perfect birthday celebration in Singapore. Sip on handcrafted drinks while you and your guests soak in the jovial atmospheres of these casual dining places for an unforgettable celebration.

LAVO Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar    

LAVO Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

With panoramic rooftop views of the Singapore Strait and downtown Singapore, the lively atmosphere at LAVO Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar is sure to keep party guests’ spirits high through the night. Clink your glasses with cocktail signatures that will have guests buzzing with euphoria while the host indulges in a rich, decadent 20 Layer Chocolate Cake to top off their birthday celebration.

LAVO Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar is located at L57, Hotel Tower 1.

CÉ LA VI Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

CÉ LA VI Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

Boasting breathtaking views of the Singapore cityscape and the Supertree Grove, CÉ LA VI will enchant party attendees with its rooftop dining atmosphere and lively buzz. CÉ LA VI’s rendition of the A4 Miyazaki Wagyu Nigiri satiates tastebuds with an exquisite pairing of the finest A4 Miyazaki Wagyu beef and perfectly seasoned sushi rice that melt in your mouth with every bite. Party guests can enjoy an endless stream of appetizing delights while grooving to live DJ sets.

CÉ LA VI Restaurant is located at L57, Sands SkyPark, Hotel Tower 2.

Family-Friendly Restaurants for Birthdays 

Expect a warm, inviting atmosphere with plush seats and delectable bites for the little ones when looking for a family-friendly restaurant for birthday celebrations in Singapore. After a satisfying birthday meal with the family, top off the festivities by sharing a decadent dessert platter or two. 

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

Make your day extra special at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, one of the best burger places in Singapore. serving gourmet burgers that pack a punch of flavour and exceptional texture with every bite. Treat yourself to a dessert you’ll never forget with their CrazyShake milkshakes, an Instagrammable dish decorated with fun toppings from candy floss and chocolates to a slice of cake.

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer is located at L1-80, The Shoppes.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

The little guests will find joy in the classic flavours of Yardbird's 100-year-old fried chicken recipe that maintains the chicken’s tender and juicy texture with a thin, crispy skin that crackles with a satisfying crunch. Delight in sweet and savoury flavours with their Chicken & Waffles set, or indulge in a fresh and flavourful Lobster & Shrimp Roll. The adults can sip on their handcrafted cocktails while taking in views of the Marina Bay Promenade.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar is located at B1-07, The Shoppes

Group of Friends Celebrating Birthday

Things To Do on Your Birthday

Planning your birthday celebration that you and your guests will all enjoy can be a daunting task, with the extensive logistics and coordination required to ensure a smooth and memorable birthday celebration. Plan unique and fun things to do to celebrate your birthday in Singapore with this carefully curated list that will make your special day unforgettable.

Tour of ArtScience Museum

Artscience Museum Future World

A wide array of thrilling and immersive experiences awaits you at ArtScience Museum. Whether you are taking the little ones out on a birthday outing or meeting your close friends for an exciting time together, the installations here are sure to entertain visitors of all ages.

Dive into the sublime world of virtual reality at the VR Gallery, an installation equipped with cutting-edge VR technology and equipment to fully immerse you in a new universe. Head to Future World: Where Art Meets Science and discover a wondrous cacophony of art, science and fantasy featuring two main galleries: City in A Garden and Exploring New Frontiers.

SkyPark Observation Deck

Skypark Observation Deck

Stunning views of Marina Bay at the SkyPark Observation Deck will take your birthday celebration in Singapore to greater heights at 56 storeys above. Feel the wind billowing while you take in bird’s eye views of Gardens by the Bay, the Singapore Flyer and the iconic Esplanade domes on your big day.

Sampan Rides 

Sampan Ride

Circle the Rain Oculus and frolic down the canals in The Shoppes for a soothing afternoon that will have everyone enraptured in delight. On a relaxing voyage along glittering storefronts in a Sampan boat, the sunshine filters through the glass roof of The Shoppes for a picturesque scene that’s Instagram-worthy on your birthday celebration. 

Perfume Workshop by Maison 21G 

Maison 21G Perfume

Indulge your senses by creating a perfume tailored to your preferences with the guidance of expert scent designers at popular perfume brand, Maison 21G. Whether you appreciate a bright, citrusy scent or a deep and complex musky profile, you will be sure to create a scent that best suits your preferences to commemorate your life’s milestones. 

Birthday Party

How to Plan a Birthday Party

Planning a birthday celebration can be an overwhelming affair. Stay on top of the party planning process and ensure a smooth birthday celebration with these tips to help you stay organised.

Birthday venues can change the vibe of a birthday party, setting the scene for a warm and family-friendly event suitable for all ages, or a chic and swanky affair that will have your guests clinking glasses till the birthday candle goes out. 

Account for the Party Size

Birthday Party Celebration

The most important factor to account for when choosing a venue for your birthday party is the number of guests attending the event. Parties catered towards large families with kids are better suited to larger birthday venues with more space, while intimate celebrations with a small group of friends can take place in a variety of settings. Small and cosy cafes or trendy, lively bars are good places for an intimate celebration. 

Ambiance and Style 

LAVO Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

When looking for where to celebrate your birthday in Singapore, the birthday venue’s atmosphere is another important factor to consider. Family-friendly birthday gatherings are ideal in well-lit, large spaces that can accommodate the jovial mood of family restaurants, while stylish bars with thumping bass and swanky, velour seats are perfect for small groups who want a good time out. 

Mott 32 Singapore

With guests who have different dietary requirements, food and beverages are another important issue to consider when planning the birthday event. Before deciding on a particular cuisine, check in with your guests and find out if they have any food allergies or dietary needs such as pescetarian, vegetarian, or gluten-free options.