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The Exhibition

About the Exhibition

We come to know a people through their stories: Stories of origin, adversity, failure and triumph. The daily newspaper has been an enduring chronicle of such stories, both everyday and extraordinary, that are close to people’s hearts and minds.

Singapore’s daily English-language newspaper, The Straits Times, has been reporting these stories since 1845. It has outlived empires and crises to offer readers a front-row seat to events unfolding in Singapore and the world.

Singapore STories: Then, Now, Tomorrow mines the 170-year-old archives of The Straits Times for articles, headlines and photographs, including never-before-seen pictures, to tell the familiar story of Singapore in a fresh way. The exhibition borrows its themes from sections of the newspaper and looks to Singapore’s past to contemplate its present and future.

Step through the pages of The Straits Times to explore where Singapore has been, how its people came to be who they are today, and where the country is headed next. 

About The Straits Times

Covering stories since 1845

One of the region’s oldest English-language daily newspapers, The Straits Times is also the English newspaper with the longest history in Singapore. First published on July 15, 1845, the newspaper celebrates its 170th anniversary this year.

It is read by over 1.4 million people and as the most-read newspaper in Singapore, it strives to be an authoritative source with the latest news and most comprehensive views, especially on Singapore and the Asian region.

Its presence has extended beyond print to new media and it is now accessible on various digital platforms including the Internet, mobile applications, and online TV.