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Singapore’s soul

Food, fashion and the arts: These cornerstones of life in Singapore offer a window into the soul of Singapore and Singaporeans.

Hawker centres, food courts and restaurants in malls reflect the intersection of passion and convenience in everyday life. These one-stop dining destinations are often close at hand, yet the best spots inspire diners to spend more time queueing for the meal than eating it. 

In fashion, it is the marriage of style and convenience that has made shorts and flip-flops – wardrobe essentials in a tropical climate – mainstays of Singapore’s sartorial scene even as high street and luxury fashion brands become popular, and the people’s taste in fashion becomes more international. 

And in the arts, passion mixes with profit. Audiences and markets are continually sought in Singapore and overseas to fund the creation of arts and accrue soft power through cultural exchange.

Singapore STories - old movie theatre
Singapore STories - Swan Lake performance
Singapore STories - Youth Party
Singapore STories - Lau Pa Sat