18 March 2015, 4pm to 6 pm & 7pm to 9pm

In partnership with TEDx Singapore, ArtScience Museum hosts free near-live screenings of brand new TED Talks by 10 speakers from the TED 2015 Conference in Vancouver. Join us for these exclusive screening sessions here at the first museum in Singapore to be a venue for a TEDx event.

There are more than 50,000 TED fans in Singapore, and TEDx Singapore is required to curate audiences for diversity, as TED does.

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Truth & Dare: TED Talks screenings

4pm to 6pm

Out of this World

Get ready to be blown away with Sara Seager (Exoplanet Expert), Fred Jansen (Space Explorer), Nathalie Cabrol (Planetary Explorer), Stephen Petranek (Technology Forecaster) and Alan Eustance (Stratospheric Explorer)

7pm to 9pm

Life Stories

Be inspired by the stories of Anand Giridharadas (Author), Dame Stephanie “Steve”Shirley (Entrepreneur and philanthropist), Martine Rothblatt (Transhumanist), Joey Alexandar (Jazz Pianist) and Dave Isay (Story Collector)