Hidden/Depths Multi-media installation, commissioned by ArtScience MuseumHidden/Depths Multi-media installation, commissioned by ArtScience Museum


Hidden/Depths is an interactive installation by Australian artist Lynette Wallworth. The installation consists of deep-sea specimens, luminescent glass sculptures, footage of bioluminescent marine creatures and audio from NASA.These elements are brought together in an immersive environment where visitors are invited to explore the space with UV torches and discover the mysterious objects, images and creatures inhabiting the darkness where these creatures abide.

The artwork offers a reflection not only on the diversity of marine species  and the vast depths that remain to be explored but more specifically on bio-luminescence, the light emitting ability of many deep sea marine species - from bioluminescent squid to phosphorescent algae.

In creating Hidden/Depths a new addition to The Deep exhibition - commissioned by ArtScience Museum, Wallworth embarked on a unique collaboration with glass artist and technician Matt Joblin from the UK with whom she developed the glass techniques used here, master potters from Singapore’s Mudrock Ceramics plus marine biologist Steve Haddock who focuses on bioluminescent marine species and Dr Anya Salih who specializes in research using fluorescent proteins, both of whom Wallworth has worked with in the past. These collaborators bring their diverse skills into play to contribute to an experience that honours the extraordinary marine creatures of The Deep.

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Lynette Wallworth Artist

Artist's Bio

Lynette Wallworth is an Australian artist whose immersive installations and film works reflect on the connections between people and the natural world.  Her work has often used interactive technologies with gestural interfaces to engage with viewers.

Wallworth’s work has shown at the Lincoln Center, the American Museum of Natural History, New York; the Sundance Film Festival; the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art,  the Smithsonian, Royal Observatory Greenwich for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad; Auckland Triennial; Adelaide Biennial; Brighton Festival and the Vienna Festival among others. 

She has been awarded an International Fellowship from Arts Council England, a New Media Arts Fellowship from the Australia Council for the Arts, the inaugural Australian Film, Television and Radio School Creative Fellowship in 2010. She has had artist residencies in many parts of the world including Southern Italy, Iran, Northern England and New Mexico

HIDDEN/DEPTHS  Lynette Wallworth 2015

Glass: Matt Jobling
Ceramics: Mud-Rock Ceramics
Video: Steven Haddock. Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
  Anya Salih, University Western Sydney, Confocal Bio-Imaging Facility
Sound Mix: Liam Egan
Playback: Pete Brundle
Taxidermist: Alan Gottini
Sound Files: NASA Audio Collection
  JFK Library, Audio Files
Production: Jerry Gunn, Together Projects