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Solar Sustainability

Museo Aero Solar at Prato, Italy, 2009

Solar Sustainability presents the work of artists who use inflatable media to advocate for a more sustainable relationship between people and the environment.

Overpopulation, consumerism and burning fossil fuels are having a catastrophic impact on the Earth’s climate. Today there is increased urgency to fundamentally rethink how humanity can more sustainably coexist with the rest of the planet's inhabitants. Pioneering artists such as Graham Stevens, and contemporary artists like Tomás Saraceno, show how inflatable structures can provide lightweight alternatives to environmentally-damaging building and transportation systems all powered by natural energy sources such as the sun.

By using inflatable objects such as solar-powered floating sculptures, artists open up our imagination, hinting at a new era of planetary consciousness, where the thermodynamic balance of the Earth is restored.

List of artists: Tomás Saraceno, Graham Stevens

Featured Artworks

Museo Aero Solar at Prato, Italy 2009

Aerostat, 1795, courtesy of Académie de Dijon