Sands Expo & Convention Centre presents: An Autumn Showcase

Showcasing the finest experiences we have to offer



On 8 September, the Grand Ballroom at Sands Expo & Convention Centre was transformed into a breathtaking spectacle of glitz and glamour for An Autumn Showcase. A total of 500 MICE guests invited to the event were given a preview of the latest innovations and offerings at Sands Expo, as well as the latest premium experiences for delegates and guests.

Ong Wee Min, Vice President of Sales and MICE, Marina Bay Sands said, “The Autumn Showcase was a great opportunity to bring our clients, partners and stakeholders together to showcase what the industry has to offer as a whole.” With the rising focus on wellness, Ong also announced the launch of the Wellness in MICE programme at Sands Expo & Convention Centre.

The atmosphere in the ballroom was enchanting, with amber lighting and autumn floral installations in celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival. An orange carpet led the way, lined with oversized blooms, leaves, branches, and static and roving talents decked out in floral headpieces and gowns.

Desserts offered at the ART OF DESSERTS zone


Inside the ballroom, six exploratory food and beverage zones awaited the guests. ART OF DESSERTS featured western-inspired, artistic desserts with dramatic confectionary touches on a stunning dessert wall, while ENZO offered delicate Asian cuisine and premium beverages.

MIX provided an authentic whisky bar experience, complete with live music to entertain guests, while CASA MBS transported guests to a South American garden, pairing cocktails with grilled meats.


The PERANAKAN zone at An Autumn Showcase


PERANAKAN offered colourful Nyonya delights in a vibrant night market setting. Finally, CULTURED offered a bespoke sommelier experience, featuring Australian and New Zealand fine wines, where guests could sip, paint, and create their lasting take-home mementos.


Performances at An Autumn Showcase


Beyond the culinary delights, guests were also introduced to Sands Expo’s latest cutting-edge technologies, made possible through collaborations with key technology partners. Partners such as Gevme and offered a firsthand look at utilising generative Artificial Intelligence for chatbots and meaningful dashboards that can help clients to understand delegates’ needs and preferences better. Clients can tap on these technology tools to automate and enhance the delegate experience at Sands Expo.

Karunanithi, Director of Wellness and Recreation, Marina Bay Sands, also treated guests to a transcendent sound bath experience. By enveloping them in a serene symphony of sound vibrations, he guided his audience towards relaxation and stress reduction. The sound bath served as a teaser of the experiences that delegates can anticipate in the bespoke Wellness in MICE programme.

An Autumn Showcase featured the finest experiences Sands Expo had to offer, leaving all who attended with memories that would last a lifetime. Check out how Sands Expo works with partners to elevate the way events are hosted here.