Deepening collaboration with industry leaders

Strategic alliances continue to cement Marina Bay Sands’ position as a leader in the global MICE industry

Marina Bay Sands' Sands Expo & Convention Centre has formed strategic partnerships with two leading MICE professional bodies, the Events Industry Council (EIC) and the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA).

EIC has named Marina Bay Sands its first strategic partner in Asia, solidifying a three-year collaboration that will shape the future of the industry. The partnership enables Marina Bay Sands to enhance its commitment to event professionals and industry excellence globally, offering recognition and thought leadership opportunities in conjunction with EIC's Certified Meeting Professional and Knowledge programmes. As part of the agreement, Marina Bay Sands plans to accredit 100 client-facing staff members with the Sustainable Event Professional Certificate (SEPC) within a year. The partnership will facilitate more EIC-led initiatives in Asia, fostering the exchange of best practices and elevating MICE standards in sustainability and innovation across the region.

Marina Bay Sands has also expanded its longstanding partnership with PCMA, leveraging the collective strength of Las Vegas Sands' properties in Singapore and Macao. Together, they aim to drive excellence and innovation in the MICE sector, focusing on critical topics such as sustainability, technology, talent development, and audience engagement.