MEET THE TEAM: Doré Régis, Chief Baker, Marina Bay Sands

Our Chief Baker shares the importance of keeping traditions alive while innovating with unique local flavours

1. Tell us more about yourself and your role at Marina Bay Sands.

I was born in France and my journey into the world of baking began in 1991 as an apprentice at the Dorffer bakery in Alsace, France. I learned the basics of pastry making from my teacher Joseph Dorffer, who holds the prestigious title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, meaning one of the best craftsmen in France. I also enrolled in baking courses and eventually graduated with a Masters degree in baking. Since then, I have dedicated over three decades of my life to mastering the craft. This passion has taken me across the globe, from prestigious bakeries in France to renowned hotels like the Ritz Carlton in Florida. I also had the privilege of working alongside culinary legends such as Joel Robuchon and Gordon Ramsay during my career.

In 2018, I took a break from the kitchen and moved on to lecturing at Le Cordon Bleu in Seoul, nurturing the next generation of bakers. I returned to the kitchen in January 2023, helming the role of Chief Baker at Marina Bay Sands.

As Chief Baker, I lead a talented team of over 20 culinary experts, overseeing all aspects from developing new recipes, training the team members to refine their baking techniques, and producing a wide range of bread and viennoiseries for our daily operations. From banquets to in-room dining and our various dining establishments, we strive to bring the joy of authentic, quality bakes to all who visit Marina Bay Sands.


2. You have worked in many renowned bakeries and hotels globally. How does your diverse background shape the way you lead the culinary team at Marina Bay Sands and shape its bread and viennoiseries offerings?

Be it the bakeries of France, Ritz Carlton in Florida and Atlantis hotels in Dubai, every stop has allowed me to build a diverse repertoire of baking techniques and taught me to develop a profound appreciation for the culinary trade.

I believe in respecting traditional techniques while embracing creativity and infusing innovation into our bakes at Marina Bay Sands. My team is committed to preserving the authenticity of French bakery traditions, with breads baked using natural leaven, select flours, and 12-hour resting periods. However, we also allow ourselves to get creative and draw inspiration from local food cultures to conceptualise unique flavours. That comes from my experience as a baker.

The few years that I spent teaching at Le Cordon Bleu showed me that there are remarkable synergies between teaching and leading a culinary team – both roles require a passion for nurturing the younger generation. In my kitchens, I encourage my team to be creative and take ownership, from coming up with their own recipes to experimenting with new baking techniques. This, I believe, will help them to flourish and find their own niche as bakers.


3. What are some challenges you face as Chief Baker at Marina Bay Sands?

The role of Chief Baker presents exciting opportunities as well as some anticipated challenges. One challenge is maintaining the highest standards across various aspects of baking, from traditional French techniques to innovative creations, even as we serve a diverse clientele.

Another challenge is ensuring consistency in our offerings, given the high volume of bakery products required for events at Sands Expo. Quality and taste must remain exceptional, even with large-scale production. We use the finest ingredients and constantly refine our recipes to ensure that standards are kept high and there is consistency in our products, creating a memorable culinary experience for MICE delegates.