MEET THE TEAM: Sheldon Tan, Executive Chef & Alan Teh, Junior Sous Chef, Banquet Operations, Food & Beverage

Executive Chef Sheldon Tan and Junior Sous Chef Alan Teh share how they strive to innovate and create new dishes, aiming to provide guests with an exceptional dining experience


Sheldon Tan, Executive Chef, Banquet Operations, Food & Beverage

1.     Tell us more about your role at Marina Bay Sands

Having dedicated over 32 years to the F&B industry working in various hotel groups, I joined Marina Bay Sands as an Executive Chef in 2022. In my role, I provide support to our talented chefs, addressing their concerns and ensuring seamless kitchen operation. I am responsible for the maintenance and procurement of cooking equipment, ensuring they are always in optimal condition. Additionally, I actively research food trends, including the ever-growing popularity of superfoods. To cater to these trends, I have established superfood corners that feature healthy grains and other ingredients. It is essential to me that these superfoods can be incorporated into dishes that are suitable for mass production, while maintaining their nutritional value. Leading a team of 88 chefs within the banquet department, my focus is on delivering exceptional dining experiences at Marina Bay Sands.

2.     Describe the demand for local Singapore food served during MICE events? Have there been any new food items that have been added to the menu recently?

There is undoubtedly significant demand for local Singaporean food to be served during events. We decided to take it a step further by collaborating with local food brands to offer our overseas delegates an authentic taste of Singapore. Recognising that their tight schedules may not allow them to explore local culinary delights around the island, we partnered with renowned vendors to bring the popular local food experience right here to Marina Bay Sands. Some of our partners include Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Popiah, Sing Swee Kee Chicken Rice, Queen of Wok Fish Head Steamboat, and Haig Road Putu Piring. These collaborations enable us to provide our delegates with a diverse range of beloved local dishes, ensuring they have a truly immersive culinary experience during their visit.

3.     How has Marina Bay Sands been innovating in terms of food offerings, especially for local cuisines?

Our teams continuously strive to innovate our food offerings, particularly when it comes to local cuisines, focusing on providing unique and memorable dining experiences. For instance, I have introduced a delightful innovation in the form of crab meat wanton canapés topped with Singapore's signature chilli crab sauce. This allows our guests to savour the renowned national dish of Singapore in a convenient, bite-sized format. We are not only innovating in terms of taste but also in presentation. Departing from the traditional white banquet plates, we have introduced vibrant, coloured plates that not only enhance the visual appeal of the dishes but also reflect our local culture through their designs. These innovations elevate our culinary offerings and contribute to an immersive dining experience for all.

4.     How do you inspire the next generation of chefs at Marina Bay Sands?

To inspire the next generation of chefs at Marina Bay Sands, I believe in fostering a culture of openness, accessibility and open communication. I believe in reducing hierarchical barriers in the kitchen. It's crucial to create an environment where they feel comfortable expressing their ideas, concerns, and aspirations. I strive to help them build confidence in their work by offering guidance and counsel. I also reassure them that setbacks, which are inevitable in any career journey, should not be seen as failures but as stepping stones for further progress.


Alan Teh, Junior Sous Chef, Pastry, Banquet Operations, Food & Beverage

1.     What is the most unique pastry request you’ve received and how did you deliver it?

I've received requests to create elaborate chocolate showpieces that can range from 1 to 2 metres in length and can take on various shapes and forms based on the clients' requests. One particularly memorable request involved crafting a chocolate showpiece in the shape of the iconic Marina Bay Sands' three towers. This intricate creation required careful attention to detail and precise craftsmanship. By meticulously sculpting and assembling the chocolate, we were able to deliver a stunning and customised masterpiece that showcased the essence of the client's vision. The process involved not only technical expertise but also creativity to bring their unique pastry request to life, resulting in a truly memorable and visually captivating experience for all.

2.     Could you tell us more about your experience during the inaugural Food & Wine Festival in May?

My experience during the Food & Wine Festival was truly eye-opening. In addition to my daily responsibilities, I had the privilege of supporting the festival while managing ongoing functions. One of the highlights was the opportunity to meet and collaborate with renowned celebrity chefs. Particularly, I had the honour of working closely with Australian celebrity chef and wine icon Luke Mangan during The Great Chef Showcase by Luke Mangan. This collaboration allowed me to learn from his expertise and contribute to the culinary excellence showcased during the festival. Additionally, I had the pleasure of assisting in the preparation of desserts from Waku Ghin during the exclusive Six Star Dinner. Being part of such extraordinary culinary experiences enriched my professional journey and further fueled my passion for delivering exceptional dining experiences.

3.     Describe the demand for local pastries in the world of banquets and events?

There is growing demand for local flavours in desserts served during banquets and events. To meet this demand, we have explored creative ways to fuse elements from both western and Asian dessert traditions. Our culinary innovations have included introducing unique creations such as pulut hitam ice cream, ondeh ondeh cake, coconut ice cream, chendol cake, and bubur chacha panna cotta. By blending traditional Asian ingredients and flavours with western dessert techniques, we aim to offer guests a delightful fusion of tastes and experiences. These innovative creations not only celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Singapore and Asia but also provide an exciting twist that appeals to a diverse range of palates. We are thrilled to continue pushing the boundaries and creating memorable desserts that showcase the best of both worlds.

4.     Do you have any words of advice to aspiring pastry chefs?

To aspiring pastry chefs, I offer the following advice:

  •  Embrace constant practice and the honing of your skills. Pastry making requires precision and attention to detail, and consistent practice is key to mastering the craft.
  • Understand that pastry making is distinct from normal cooking. Pay close attention to the ratio distribution of ingredients as it plays a crucial role in determining the success of your pastries. Precision is essential.
  • Showpieces, whether made of chocolate or sugar, require frequent and consistent practice. Dedicate ample time to develop and refine your skills in this area.
  • Never stop learning. Strive to learn something new every day. Put in the effort to come up with pastry creations that are not only delicious but also suitable for showcasing as beautiful and captivating showpieces.