Ushering in Lunar New Year 2024 with power and strength

A month-long custom-built bespoke space comprising a dining area for guests and space for other networking activities at Sands Expo & Convention Centre

In Chinese culture, the Year of the Dragon represents good luck, great power and strength. Ushering in the Dragon in 2024, Marina Bay Sands will be offering a unique, unparalleled bespoke experience for its clients and their guests at Sands Expo & Convention Centre.

Titled Crystal Dragon, the month-long dining concept from 23 January 2024 to 23 February 2024 will see the transformation of an expo hall into a multipurpose space which will include a dining area for guests, space for cocktail events and an entertainment stage for guests to indulge in performances while dining.

Sands Expo is Asia’s single largest owner of first-to-market equipment in lighting, video, sound, and logistics. Be prepared to be awed by the immersive and experiential dining concept for the Lunar New Year. At Sands Expo & Convention Centre, the team is constantly pushing boundaries, using innovative technology to create memorable experiences for clients.

Showcasing Marina Bay Sands’ capability to transform spaces and creating trends in event design, Crystal Dragon will be the largest Lunar New Year dining experience yet and will feature a main long table - which will comfortably sit 88 guests - that winds its way through the centre of the dining hall akin to a dragon.

More information on Crystal Dragon will be shared at a later date.