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About the Exhibitions

The Art and Science of Sustainability is a series of exhibitions and public programmes which approach the issue of sustainability with a unique perspective, exploring the beauty of the world we live in and emphasising the core importance of the harmonious relationship between mankind and its environment.
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Living Yangtze by Eric Valli for Swarovski Waterschool

A multimedia exhibition which tells the stories of the seven communities living along the great Yangtze River.
Be inspired by their stories

The Substation Art and Science Open Call - Sensing States, Healing Spaces

Sensing States: Healing Spaces explores the absence of nature in our urban society and seeks to reconnect us with nature and its healing properties.
Explore the harmony between mankind and nature

The Deep

The Deep presents the largest collection of over 40 abyssal creatures displayed for the first time in Southeast Asia.
Uncover secrets of the living abyss