Rapid urbanisation is placing unprecedented pressure on natural resources. More than ever, there is a need for sustainable development as we race towards expansion. The Art and Science of Sustainability is a series of exhibitions and public programmes which approach the issue of sustainability with a unique perspective, exploring the beauty of the world we live in and emphasising the core importance of the harmonious relationship between mankind and its environment.

Three eco-themed exhibitions form the core of the programme. Though varied in subject matters, all three exhibitions cast the spotlight on environmental issues and highlight the vital importance to conserve and praise our natural resources.

Living Yangtze by Eric Valli for Swarovski Waterschool

10 - 27 October 2015

Eric Valli’s collection of photographs, Living Yangtze by Eric Valli for Swarovski Waterschool, portrays the multiple facets of the Yangtze River in China, perfectly illustrating the central place water occupies in the different societies living along its banks. 

The Substation Art and Science Open Call – Sensing States: Healing Spaces

10 - 27 October 2015

The Substation Art and Science Open Call – Sensing States: Healing Spaces creates an immersive environment highlighting the absence of nature in our urbanised society. It sparks a dialogue on nature’s healing properties in an attempt to reconnect us with our natural environment.

The Deep

6 June - 27 October 2015

The Deep reveals the richness and the extreme vulnerability of the deep sea through the display of oddly mesmerizing specimens casting a light on an unknown world which needs to be protected for future generations.

Public Programmes

Alongside the exhibitions, a number of programmed activities will highlight different initiatives and responses to growing environmental concerns. Activities include film screenings, a Conversations event: From the Endangered to the Sublime: Global Ecosystem, and hands-on activities to try on the spot or at home.