Collider Exhibition at ArtScience MuseumCollider Exhibition at ArtScience Museum

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The Exhibition

Come on a journey. See history being made. Meet engineers who build the impossible. Walk the tunnels of CERN. Stand in the heart of a collision.
Witness a moment of discovery

Exhibition Themes

The Collider exhibition consists of 8 zones — From Past to Present, Theatre, Inside the Large Hadron Collider (which features 3 zones), Collision, Detectors and Discovery. Immerse, encounter, analyse, and uncover their stories.
Step inside

Artist Installation — The Gift of Mass

This immersive audio visual installation invites the visitors to live the impossible experience of acquiring their own mass.
W = mg


Celebrate both your inner artist and scientist with hands-on activities, interactive spaces, conversations, and guided tours.
Programmes and workshops

The Collision Space

The conclusion to both The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World and Collider exhibitions, The Collision Space is a hands-on, interactive space that explores the discoveries of Nobel Laureates made at CERN.
Explore, learn and play