Specters and TouristsSpecters and Tourists

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Specters and Tourists

From 11 November till 17 December 2017

Level 3

ArtScience Museum is proud to co-organise with the Singapore International Film Festival Specters and Tourists by Japanese filmmaker and artist Daisuke Miyazaki. Presented as a two-part film installation, this new work depicts the all too familiar scene of humdrum urban life, and celebrates when unscripted and unexpected moments challenge our perception of reality. 

In the first part of the installation, Specters, Miyazaki weaves scenes from existing footage into a new multi-screen portrait of characters trapped like ghosts, or specters, in their everyday lives. In fragments we follow them, as they oscillate repeatedly between life and death, human and animal forms, and feelings of bland uniformity and seclusion.

By contrast, in the accompanying installation, Tourists, two friends, played by Nina Endo and Sumire Sato, win a lottery ticket and travel abroad on a whim. Their adventures lead them to Singapore. Unexpected encounters in unfamiliar surroundings cause them to explore a new side of the city, and in the process discover a new side of themselves.

Daisuke Miyazaki

Daisuke Miyazaki

Born in Yokohama, Japan in 1980, Daisuke Miyazaki is the director of Yamato (California), which screened at the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) in 2016. He is also one of the Berlinale Talents directors of the omnibus film, 5 to 9, which world premiered at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2015 and subsequently screened at SGIFF in the same year. His first feature film, End of the Night, was selected for numerous international film festivals and won the Special Mention Prize at the Toronto Shinsedai Cinema Festival.



5 to 9

5 to 9

3 Dec | 2:00pm, 3:30pm, 5:00pm

4 - 5 Dec | 5:00pm

Expression Gallery, Level 4
90 mins | Free admission

Classification: M18: Sexual scenes & coarse language

Mandarin, Japanese, Thai with English subtitles

A collaborative project by Tay Bee Pin (Singapore), Daisuke Miyazaki (Japan), Vincent Du (China) and Rasiguet Sookkarn (Thailand), 5 to 9 comprises four short films that transpire from 5pm to 9am on the evening of the historic Brazil-Germany match at World Cup 2014, spanning intimate vignettes of unrequited love and final meetings.

This screening of ‘5 to 9’ is co-presented by ArtScience Museum and Singapore International Film Festival.

For more details please refer to ArtScience on Screen.


ARE & Daisuke Miyazaki

ARE & Daisuke Miyazaki

Thursday, 16 Nov | 8pm

Expression Gallery, Level 4

Free on a first-come-first-served basis. Limited capacity.

Experience this immersive, exuberant performance All Life is Tour by independent sound project and art rock band, ARE, directed by Japanese filmmaker Daisuke Miyazaki as part of his exhibition Specters and Tourists. Live improvised music and filmic images of anonymous suburbs and everyday landscapes create a unique encounter for each viewer, moving in and out of life as both specter and spectator.

This performance is held in conjunction with the inaugural exhibition of ‘Specters and Tourists’, co-organised by ArtScience Museum and Singapore International Film Festival’.

For more details please refer to ArtScience Late.

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