Most Instagrammable Dishes at Marina Bay Sands

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 3 Dec 2021


When it comes to dining, it’s been said that the camera eats first. With several of the best restaurants in Singapore right here at Marina Bay Sands, your camera will have a feast with these Instagrammable dishes.


KOMA Singapore


KOMA Bonsai


Bonsai Dessert

From the passionately designed decor to the contemporary approach to Japanese cuisine, KOMA offers a multi-sensory experience that draws you in from start to finish. Thanks to a precisely curated menu, the multi-award-winning KOMA has earned a reputation as one of the best places to eat in Singapore.

Choosing the best dish was as delicious as it was difficult, but the Bonsai Dessert took the crown. Carefully constructed with decadent dark molten chocolate and crunchy pralines, this dessert is a serving of pure indulgence. An honorable mention goes to the Ozeki Sushi Platter, a beautiful assortment of freshly prepared Nigiri and Sashimi that dazzles with its flavour and presentation.

KOMA is located at B1-67, The Shoppes. For more on Japanese restaurants at Marina Bay Sands, check out our guide to the best Japanese restaurants in Singapore.


LAVO Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar


Lavo Meatball


The Meatball

LAVO is the perfect setting for an amazing outdoor dining experience in Singapore. Nested on the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands, this restaurant serves up hearty Italian-American cuisine and exceptional steaks amidst the spectacular vistas of Singapore’s grand city skyline.

Made up of a pound of freshly ground Wagyu, veal, and Italian sausage, “The Meatball” is perhaps LAVO’s most iconic dish. Though their signature 20 Layer Chocolate Cake was a close contender, nothing truly grabs your attention like a solid spherical combination of delicious, tantalising meats. You can bet it tastes as good as it looks.

LAVO is located at L57, Hotel Tower 1. For more on the best steaks in Singapore, head over to our guide to the best steakhouses.


Yardbird Southern Table & Bar




Chicken ‘n’ Watermelon ‘n’ Waffles

Voted Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice 2021, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar is one of the best western restaurants in Singapore. The menu is a carnival of farm-fresh ingredients and traditional American flavours, featuring mouthwatering burgers, ribs, fried chicken, and pillowy pancakes.

Prepared using a 100-year-old family fried chicken recipe, the Chicken ‘n’ Watermelon ‘n’ Waffles has legendary status with diners from Singapore to Miami. Crispy, crunchy and incredibly tender, it’s an Instagrammable plate classic that’s as pleasing to the eyes as to your palate. For something sweeter, snap a stack of soft pancakes layered with blueberries and topped with bourbon maple syrup with the Blueberry Pie Pancakes.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar is located at B1-07, The Shoppes.


CÉ LA VI Restaurant


Ce La Vi


Smoked Black Cod

CÉ LA VI takes artisanal cuisine to a level as high as the rooftop where this stunning Marina Bay Sands restaurant sits. The menu elevates traditional Asian ingredients with a creative twist, resulting in irresistible plates such as the Smoked Black Cod.

After grabbing a few snaps of the awe-inspiring horizon at one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Singapore, point your lens at this inspiring dish. Elegantly presented with a drizzle of lime zest and cilantro oil, you’re sure to spice up your Instagram feed with this dish. Pair your meal with one of CÉ LA VI’s handcrafted cocktails by their experienced mixologists.

CÉ LA VI is located at L57, Sands SkyPark, Hotel Tower 3.


Spago Dining Room by Wolfgang Puck




Burrata with Confit Kumquats

Spago’s menu offers exquisite seasonal delights inspired by its Californian heritage and elements from Asian and global cuisines. Whether you’re planning a special night out or wondering what to do on a staycation at Marina Bay Sands, a dining experience at Spago will have all you need.

Alive with zesty freshness and pictorial beauty, Spago’s Burrata with Confit Kumquats is a masterpiece crafted with exquisite workmanship. This dish encapsulates the ideal fine dining experience – complete with a stunning view of the city skyline – making it the most Instagrammable dish on the menu. Meat lovers can consider the Colorado Lamb Chops for a hearty meal that will garner likes.

Spago Dining Room by Wolfgang Puck is located at L57, Sands SkyPark, Hotel Tower 2.


Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda


Waku Ghin


Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Caviar

Marina Bay Sands’ restaurants are home to a variety of world-class cuisines to suit a broad palate of tastes. If you’re looking for Michelin-starred fare, they don’t get much better than Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda. Featuring a menu of carefully sourced ingredients, the dining experience is a multi-layered feast of seasonal specials for an unforgettable meal.

Seafood fans are in for a treat with the phenomenal Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Caviar. The dish’s presentation perfectly captures the essence of the sea; a sea urchin shell balances precariously on crushed ice with a mother-of-pearl spoon for you to taste the sophisticated flavours of the caviar. This artfully arranged dish is worth sharing on Instagram for a not-so-subtle way to show off your refined taste.

Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda is located at L2-03, The Shoppes.


Mott 32 Singapore




Apple Wood Roasted 42 Days Peking Duck

Since opening early 2020, Mott 32 Singapore has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants at Marina Bay Sands. The menu embodies modern Hong Kong culture while embracing flavours from all over China, with every dish prepared by skillful chefs. This passion extends to the gorgeous interiors designed by Joyce Wang, making every aspect of the dining experience an eye-catching delight.

A staple of Chinese cuisine, the Apple Wood Roasted 42 Days Peking Duck at Mott 32 is a signature special that’s only available in limited quantities each day (diners can pre-order the dish in advance). Be sure to keep your phone handy as the chef slices the dish tableside, ensuring crispy skin and savoury meat with each bite.

Mott 32 Singapore is located at B1-42-44, The Shoppes. For more Chinese cuisine, read on at our guide to the best Chinese restaurants in Singapore.


db Bistro & Oyster Bar by Daniel Boulud


db bistro


Signature Seafood Platter

At db Bistro and Oyster Bar, celebrity chef Daniel Boulud and his team reimagine the classic Parisian bistro. The menu is a playful mix of traditional French cuisine with contemporary American flavours, seafood specialties, and a collection of signature burgers, including the world-renowned The Original DB Burger.

Seafood meets extravagance in the towering Signature Seafood Platter. You’ll need extra hands to finish this epic dish, and extra cameras to make sure you capture every angle of this seafood spectacle. If you prefer to shake things up with something different, the Moules Frites comprises fresh mussels in a delicious white wine broth with French fries on the side.

db Bistro & Oyster Bar by Daniel Boulud is located at B1-48, The Shoppes.


CHINOISERIE Modern Asian by Justin Quek




Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche with Black Truffle

Chinoiserie is a harmonious expression of East-meets-West, brought to life by Chef Justin Quek’s expertise in Haute French cuisine and deep insights into Asian food culture. Scouring the world for premium ingredients and prepared with classic French and Asian cooking techniques, Chinoiserie showcases Asian fusion with a cosmopolitan twist.

The Hokkaido Scallop Ceviche with Black Truffle has all the pizzazz you’d expect in a seafood dish at a fine dining restaurant. Served in a shell, you’ll find the scallop on a creamy bed of egg white topped with caviar for a luxurious finish. For a vibrant snapshot on Instagram, the Chef’s Appetizer Platter features seasonal creations for the perfect composition.

Chinoiserie is located at B1-15, The Shoppes.


Origin + Bloom




Hojicha Bubble Tea

Drawing inspiration from café and patisserie masters of Europe, Origin + Bloom is amongst the most Instagrammable cafes to eat in Singapore. The space embodies a fantastic botanical theme rich with colours and filled with the tantalising smell of freshly baked goods. Expect gourmet breads, sandwiches, and salads, paired with a selection of beverages and wonderfully handcrafted pastries.

Really, you can’t go wrong with anything from Origin + Bloom. The colourful pastries are a sight to behold and will leave anyone with a sweet tooth salivating. For an interesting feature on your Instagram story, the Hojicha Bubble Tea bears an uncanny resemblance to the popular drink. Constructed with hojicha crémeux and hojicha mousse, the dessert includes a chocolate lid and wafer straw for an added touch of delight.

Origin + Bloom is located at Lobby, Hotel Tower 3.


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